Arturia V v7 now available


Ta. Will need to check out then. :slight_smile:


The videos for that Howard Benson plug sound amazing :open_mouth:


$129.00… Will probably have it by end of day. Searching for any discounts out there. I don’t think I’ll be sorry, but I have spent quite a wad the last few days. Extremely happy with TH-U tho. This becomes a fever after awhile. Kinda like Hammond clones and new cars. :money_mouth_face:


Enjoyed the discussion, gents. You’ve convinced me to go for the v7 upgrade…okay, so maybe it didn’t take too much convincing :wink:


Hmm, I got the bundle, and while the sounds are really good, the CPU load on my system is about 4-5 times the load I get from Velvet (20-25% vs 4-5%). Plus all the ideosyncrasies of working with Kontakt libraries - I guess I’ll stay with Velvet for live! And the difference in sound is not so dramatic - Velvet is also very playable! In a rock band context, nobody will notice the difference

But always good to have some alternative colors on my palette - especially in settings where the ePiano is more prominent!




Dig it! Me as a Tron :smiley: The 1st note in each one is my original sample:


Hey Fred, I Love no.2!


:sweat_smile::joy::joy::joy: Alright! Sounds like a creepy 1930s horror film. Lol


I think #2 is a backing track on Bowie’s BlackStar. :grin:


I was a little shocked at how normal the first one came out sounding so I tried the “neyah” thing… it was definitely cooler. I think I need to crank up the wow and flutter to make it Tron-ier.