Arturia V Collection 9 Problem

Hi everyone, this is my first post. I apologize in advance for my English, i’m from Argentina.

Recently, i installed some synths from the Arturia V Collection 9, but for some reason i can’t load them in Cantabile or any other platform. I thought it was a compatibility problem because the files are VST3, but i managed to install VST2 and AAX version of those files and still can’t use them.
I also tried the “Browse for file” option in the “Add Object” window, leading to a Crash of Cantabile.
Pls, if someone knows what’s causing it or how to solve it, i’ll be grateful.

Hi Mats and Welcome to the forum!

The first thing to check is whether you set the Plugins folder. This is explained in the User Guides on the main website located here :

Once that is set you should be able to add the plugins as objects in a Cantabile Song.




Browse for file only works after a plugins scan, so try to detect where you installed the VST2 files, then set the plugin folder location to the same position, as Dave told you.
This is under Tools → Options → Plugins Option.

See, as example, how my PC is set:


Thanks guys. I’ve been using Arturia plugins for at least a year. I know how scan them, and how to add them in a Song. The problem started when i updated the V Collection. Suddenly, Cantabile won’t let me use them anymore.

Something weird i noticed is that when i run the scan, i can see the name of each plugin being scanned. But when i try to add them they’re gone.

What you have with regards to VST folders and scans looks correct to me. You may have installed 32 bit when you needed 64 bit. I do not have a solution, but if this was happening on my machine:

  1. Uninstall the Arturia (VST3, 2, AAX, 32, 64 - All Flavors)
  2. Reinstall the Arturia VST2-64 and the stand alone instruments (I’m still wary of VST3)
  3. Make sure the Stand alone Arturia instruments work
  4. Start up Cantabile and see what happens

Hi @Mats,

I second @easteelreath suggestion.
Moreover, you could have a look at the log file to see why plugins have been discarded.

You can use the menu Tools->Open Settings Folder to open the folder where the log resides.
You will see a log.txt file and a log-previous.txt file. The log.txt will be 0 bytes long until you close the currently running instance of Cantabile. The log-previous.txt refers to the last time you quit Cantabile.
The info in that files is very detailed, including the reasons why a given plugin has not been included.


@cdv_gabriel @easteelreath @cpaolo @dave_dore Thank you all for your suggestions

It’s been a year since i maked this post.

I’m happy to say that i solved my problem. The simplest explanations is that the VST3’s of the newest version were corrupted or something, and when i tried to reinstall the older version of the collection, they won’t show up after the scan because of “caché” and other files from newer version. As soon as i deleted those files reinstalled plugins showed up in Cantabile and other Softwares.