Arturia presets

I was wondering why the Arturia 7 presets sound very different on my laptop without Cantabile then when added through Cantabile? Even though all the settings look the same on the two keyboards, they sound very different as well as the volumes. How can I make them the same because they sound much better just on the laptop?

Arturia has been modifying their plugs and reducing cpu usage. I think they are going the Pianoteq route on modeling. That may explain the difference. In doing so, the presets may have been altered.


What would this have to do with it?
When I open the keyboard vst on the laptop it was downloaded on and hit a key it sounds one way, but when I add the same vst through Cantabile on the same laptop it sounds completely different? Why is cantabile altering the vst sound?

Hi graptemys, I do a fair amount of recording and mixing. If I play two takes for a guitar player I can always get them to pick the one I want by increasing the volume. This is probably what is happening. Try turning up the master gain up top in Cantabile. Get them the same volume and I think they will sound much more the same.

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Hi @graptemys,

it would be of help, in order to help you, to know more about what you are doing and what you mean by “completely different”.

If I understand correctly, you are comparing the “standalone” version of an Arturia7 instrument with the same instrument played as a plugin within Cantabile. Is it correct?
In this case, is the audio interface configured in the same way in the standalone version and in Cantabile? Same sampling rate, same number of bits, same audio driver (ASIO?)?

Is the sound more noisy and at lower volume in Cantabile or is it just at a lower volume? Is it less bright? Some more detail on how it sounds in the two cases would be of help. When you drop the plugin into Cantabile, are there any other plugins or just the Arturia? What routing are you using within Cantabile? (here an image of your Cantabile window in the configuration which gives you trouble could be of help)


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I am using the Arturia Farfisa V (keyboard) vst. If I open the keyboard on my laptop and choose one of their presets (Bottom Drive) it has a certain sound to it. Then if I add this keyboard to Cantabile Performer 3 and choose the same preset (Bottom Drive) it sounds like the settings for the preset are changed even though they are all the same (I checked).

  1. If I load this keyboard preset on the laptop and just use the onscreen keyboard or a controller keyboard the sound is the same. However, if I load it in Cantabile, it has to go through a Novation 2x4 because I am using more than one keyboard. Then the sound is quite a bit different.
  2. ASIO driver yes
  3. The volume is much lower by default with cantabile as opposed to the Arturia software.
  4. I am testing this by only using one vst.

Basically, I am trying to replicate the B-52’s Rock Lobster keyboard sound which this vst does perfectly, but not when dropped into Cantabile. Somehow, it gets altered. I tested this with other presets and this is not a lone issue.

Thanks for the info.
I have tried to reproduce the problem on my PC, but I can’t spot any obvious difference in sound between the standalone and the plugin version. The volumes are also pretty much the same in Cantabile and standalone, at least on my system. I have connected the standalone version to VoiceMeeter AUX input and Cantabile to VoiceMeeter VAIO input, for a faster switch between the two.


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I did the same test as Bob and got the same result.

Standalone and VST have the same volume, with the on-screen keyboard or midi controller.