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I don’t want to insist but…
AnalogLab has a working mode to use it like a host for a live management of different synthesizers. This is exactly what C3 is designed for.
If you like C3 for its intrinsic wonderful management, you should drive with C3 single VSTs and not another VST host.
Host driving host means clash of commands and actions.
Preset management in V7 is explained in arturia site:
Working with V7 and C3 I have no issues.
Editors show on my screen and I can resize every window with a command on main menu of all synthesizers.
I created a personal list of presets, and I drive any song in C3 with a program change for arturia synths. So I think that this is exactly what I need.
There must be incompatible situations with some configurations, but my system works perfectly

Thanks Furio for your response.

I appreciate your views, and confirmation that the V7 individual instruments are working for you on Windows.

I am pursuing this with Brad and Arturia at this point.
Kevin L

From V7 every GUI can be resized.
On my Asus notebook and Win10 home everything runs well.
On Moog modular and Arp2600 this allows a better management of thousands of potentiometers, I play with that a lot of times.
If this is the thing annoying you, there could be a graphics issue


I updated V7 the other night to the latest builds, and just checked it out tonight. Everything is working as it should in my Cantabile songs…

This is the latest updated of WIN10. Not sure of Cantabile version. When I get five minutes (probably not for a few days now) I will grab the latest version and try again

Like Furio, I use the individual instruments.

Just to be clear what I am seeing:

After I dismiss then relaunch the editor, the red overlay is gone, but the editor is still inactive and many controls are missing. I see this on all of the individual V7 plugs.

As I mentioned, I am trying to resolve what is going on with Brad and Arturia, not everyone seems to have this issue.

Arturia (and a couple other developers) have given me fits in the past with video driver conflicts, so it’s not surprising they steered you there first, especially since it’s a display issue. You might be up to date but that doesn’t mean that isn’t the issue… what display adapter are you on?

Hi. That has happened to me before when there is a mismatch between a new version just installed and the DLL being used to access it. I.e something is not being updated correctly. Usually because the new DLL has gone to a different location not in Cantabile’s VST search path. You can check this by picking an Arturia DLL in the search path and then searching your hard drive for DLL’s of the same name. Chances are that you will find several and the ones not in the search path are more recent. Copy those and you’ll find all is good again.

The problem is when you try and install in a different location to the default. I cured this a few updates back by searching the registry for Arturia and ensuring that all install paths were pointing to where I wanted the plugins to go



Thanks for the note, Derek. That’s interesting, and something I hadn’t considered. Since I did the update from Arturia Service Center app, I would expect all dependencies to be updated.

Just curious, when you have seen this before, did you remove the vst.dlls and try the update again, ormaybe a full reinstall?

Kevin L

Check my edited post above for what I did

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Derek - You are a Rock Star!!! Thank you!

That was exactly the problem with the DLLs going to a different path. In fact, usually, the installer cache’s the previously specified path from the last time you ran the installer - and I noticed this time the path on the installer was not correct.

I have all of the matching DLLs on Cantabile’s path now, and all editors seem to launch fine (no more red overlay).

I’m still trying to figure out what is going on with Analog Lab now.
Kevin L


Happy to help, that that was the problem. :slight_smile:

Now all I want is a way to stop the Arturia installer from creating 22 desktop icons as I never use the standalone versions!


This is exactly what happened with me. (Red Rover Screen)

The dlls were installed “one step up” in the VST directory, ie… the old ones were in a VST\Arturia directory and the new ones were in the root of the VST directory. Both were in C3’s search path.

And… the install left the old files behind.

So after doing another backup, I’ll be cleaning up the mess left behind.

I recommend two free tools to my fellow users:

  • Macrium Reflect - an excellent backup tool. You can create full and differential backups of your system. make sure you create a boot USB stick.

  • CCleaner - Registry cleaner. Searches for junk in your registry. Perfect for the aforementioned issues we typically see.



Update on my Arturia issues:

Problem #1 (Analog Lab Concerts/Songs selected when C3 snapshot preset changes)

This is solved. Kudos to Brad for doing a vanilla install to show me that it was working from C3s side. I ended up doing a full uninstall, searching the disk for leftover AL data to delete, then doing a full install. The latest Analog Lab 4 build (7 Nov 2019, Build #3413) is now working as expected.

I also had a previous installation-fail issue before this - where presets and purchased banks were not available from AL. Arturia support walked me through a few things, but ultimately I copied my preset/program-data from another machine to restore these correctly.

Sigh — hopefully Arturia updates go much smoother in the future.

Kevin L


Followup on above:

Arturia responded that the issue above (Problem #1) is a known issue and has something to do with VST3 installation (not clear to me, I don’t use VST3, and I’m pretty sure I don’t install it - unless the problem is that all installations require the presence of VST3). In any case, they said this would be fixed in the next update.

Kevin L


Well… interesting thing happened to me last night. I turned on my PC, and got a message that there was an update to V7. I did a backup, and ran the update.

Much to my surprise… in any racks with V7 products, the patches were no longer there.


I’m glad I saved them out from Cantabile. I was able to load them back into the racks.

So, that begs the question… I typically use Embedded Racks, and save the VST’s patch in the Rack. Although, because of my previous issues with Arturia, I also “exported” the patches out as *.CantabileProgram files. Is there another way I should be going about this?



Hi Rick,

I think I do the same thing - from the Cantabile side of things. For Arturia presets, I have backed-up the Arturia presets folder (HD:/Library/Arturia on a mac, C:\ProgramData\Arturia\Presets on a PC).

I just got a notice today from Arturia that they addressed the V7 patches problem I was having with a new update available from Service Center.

Hope you find & restore your patches!
Kevin L