Are you using a Fender Rhodes vst?

Just curious what others might be using. I’ve been using Lounge Lizard 4 for several years. I just purchase Acoustic Samples Mark 79, but really haven’t had much time to work with it yet.

Neo Soul Keys for UVI Player. Really like it! Does Wurli and others as well. Sample based. The Lounge Lizard had good reviews, any reason for change? Thanks

PS this set for Kontakt Purgatory Creek Mark V is great too and free!! You must have full Kontakt 5 to use though.

No reason, not planning to change. Sometimes I just get the bug $$ to try something new

Me too I can’t resist when I have $$. So many cool things…

:smiling_imp: TOO many cool things! Resistance is futile.

My Main tool for this is Lounge Lizard as well - great to fine-tune! Add a little bark here, a little distortion there, sprinkle with tines to taste … :slight_smile:

Also quite nice: the Pianoteq add-ons for Rhodes, Wurlitzer, as well as the Hohner Collection (Pianet, Clavinet, …). Not as crazy as LoungeLizard can get, but a nice alternative set of colors.

Scarbee Vintage Keys (Native Instruments) are also very tasty, but I try to stay away from samples for my live setup if I can have a credible modeller ;-), but I’ve used them in the studio now and then.



I use XLN Audio’s Addictive Keys for Grand, Upright, Rhodes MK1 and Yamaha CP-80-like “Electric Grand” pianos. Tremendous flexibility.


Dave! You’re my newest hero!! Man, I STRONGLY (is that a word?) suggest that anyone who doesn’t already have/use the Kontact instrument you’re given us the link to, to follow the link & download those instruments. I’m VERY impressed. What a great Rhodes Mark V. If you take into consideration that it’s FREE? You gotta go get it. For what it is, IMHO it sounds every bit as real as ANY I’ve used. I’d say it’s EASILY as good as NI;s Elecktik Piano. Not as versatile maybe, but VERY nice & VERY usable. THANK YOU!! I never would have known about it if not for this post. Also, there are 2 versions. Once ONLY works with Kontakt 5 & up. The other works with Kontakt 3/4/5. As Dave says, both ONLY work with the Full version of Kontakt. 20 velocity layers do take up about 1.2GB of hard drive space too.

A BiG Thanks to Brad too (Hi Brad) for writing great code & making useful & reasonably prices software for musicians.

Oh yeah. I use LL4 almost exclusively (until now) for any EP sounds I’m after. I play keyboard bass with my left hand & I haven’t found anything else, Plugin, Sampler or whatever that can give me 1 instrument that sounds right across the whole keyboard, the “Blues Comp” preset gets me really close & with a bit more tweaking to the bottom end I get a great keyboard bass sound for my left hand while keeping the preset playable for my right hand. In fact, it sounds a lot like the old Rhodes Keyboard Bass that had years ago. It just doesn’t have that cool silver sparkle finish :sunglasses: of yesteryear …

This my first post on Brad’s new site. I hope you have GREAT success with this.

Thanks again!

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So it will not work with Kontakt Player, correct?

Me too and really do love 'em!

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Purgatory Creek Mk5 is now my default Rhodes VST. Outstanding plugin, very authentic sound. As mentioned previously, you do need the full version (not Player) of Kontakt to run it.

Tried Neo Soul - meh! Tried Eps ins Kontakt, tried EPS in Sampletank, Tired the GSI Rhodes etc etc, I think I have tried pretty much all of them…the absolute STANDOUT is Lounge Lizard EP-4! Simply the best. After being tempted as the OP says, to try alternatives, I always came back to EP 4 - it is simply playable with many nuances that you don’t realise are there until you start playing something else. jmo of course :smile:

Yep, been using Lounge Lizard for years. Use it alot for my EP’s, although I also like Purgatory for Rhodes, which I’ve already mentioned and UVI Wurlie for Wurlie sounds. I do think that UVI Wurlie provides a slightly more authentic Wurlitzer- but it should because it’s sample-based.

Well, well - I’ve had Lounge Lizard 4 in my Cakewalk Sonar Platinum since I got it, but never even gave it a look, since I had the standalone and VSTi versions of Addictive Keys already. Thanks for the prodding - I’m giving it the attention it apparently deserves!


Terry the “free” version that comes with Sonar is okay, but does not really do the program “full justice” as there are several parameters missing, however it SHOULD give you an inkling of just what is possible. The screenshots show just some of the differences between them.

Dennis, that’s right - make Terry spend some more money! :wink:

Seems like a no-brainer. Wallet? Wallet? Where are you?


(Even the free one in Sonar sounds great and you’re right - it is inspiring to play.)

hahaha! Hey Terry it’s ($) not made flat for stacking :grin: go on, you KNOW you want it…

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