Arbitrary polyphony + retriggerable mode?

Looking ahead to some new versions (v4045), there is an “arbitrary polyphony + retriggerable mode.” What is this? I hope it’s an option to turn off all the “stuck notes” during a song/state/patch change. I don’t see anything in this forum about it.

Build 4045 (Experimental)

Fixed - regression in build 4044 causing failure to start
Improved - sticky note filter now supports arbitrary polyphony + retriggerable mode
Fixed - crash in network server improvements from 4042
Fixed - level meters showing spurious values when first on view
Fixed - crash showing plugin information for unloaded plugins

Hi easteelreath,

The way the re-trigger works is it allows you to stack the same sticky note in the poly synth till it hits full. normally hitting the same note again turns off the sticky note. The arbitrary polyphony let’s you set the steal notes limit to however many stuck notes you want till it steals from already stuck ones. It is not an option to turn off stuck notes but is good at sticking them and has a master notes off function in the filter using a note or CC.