App to use IPad as Second Touchmonitor


My Idea was to put as much as possible devices (Hardware) into my Case/Rack also my Surface Dock…

but the Problem… the magnetic cable is to short.

Now i had the Idea to use my IPad as a Second Monitor and I found a Perfect
Tool for this …only my normaly cable/no WLAN …Perfect !

Better than a Small Cheap Touchscreenmonitor :+1:t2::smile:


Hey, this is brilliant!

Just tried this using one of my iPads as a second screen to run LivePrompter on a second screen in parallel to Cantabile on my studio PC. Since Duet also works in portrait mode (which I prefer), this is far better than attaching a miniature monitor! Works like a charm!

So anyone who wants to run LivePrompter on a separate screen of their main Cantabile machine and already owns an iPad should absolutely try Duet!



Suppress program change during playback

Cool! I tried this with my Android phone and it just didn’t work. I’m guessing Apple is more accommodating for this kind of thing!


But If anyone need’s a real Touchmonitor for this I think this
is a very good Solution…
Ok… not cheap but If you die you will not take the Money with you😉


You should have in mind that using usb screens (and as far as I know duet too) adds load to the CPU. If you google it, you’ll find a lot users complain about that.

The GeChic is different because they get connected via HDMI.


good point! Haven’t tested yet if and how much this drives up the load meter in my live setup - will give it a whirl…




That never occurred to me! The GeChic doesn’t seem horribly expensive if it’s really something you would get a lot of use out of.


I have one of those GeChic monitors, and yes they’re expensive, but once you see it up close, those worries melt away. They’re beautifully clear and precise, light weight, and nicely engineered. I really wasn’t sure about it until it arrived, but never looked back…


There are so many possibilities to built the system…

So many Questions … 1Key? 2Keys? …Laptop? Tablet? RackPC?

Cables, cables…angle connector left? or right? …how long?

…or Hdmi? or USB …Hub? aktiv? or not?

…it ends in headache or brain cancer :face_with_head_bandage::face_with_head_bandage::face_with_thermometer:

could loud screaming out of the window help?..:wink:


Loud screaming out the window ALWAYS helps.


That’s what I do. :scream:



Feels good!