Anyone using Xpand2! Air?

If so, I have a question about saving presets.

First, and this may be a more general topic, how do I populate the Xpand2 / Cantabile preset slots with programs from Xpand? in other words, the preset list 1-128 on the Cantabile plugin interface.

Second, it appears that I can modify and save programs within Xpand by clicking on Save at the bottom of the Xpand plugin GUI, and then renaming the program. The Windows save dialogue box indicates that it’s saving the new preset file in XPand2 > Presets >User folder. But the folder isn’t one of the folder options within the Xpand presets menu. So how then do I access one of these files I’ve saved?

This may be making no sense and if not, please let me know and I’ll try to clarify or send some screen shots. If you’ve been using Xpand, hopefully you will be able to follow what I’m talking about.

I THINK you select an unused preset slot from the top of the plugin window (of course, you’ll start out with them all unused), and go to the “hamburger” lines menu dropdown menu at the far right and select “Rename Program”, and that assigns a name to that position so you can select it as a state. I don’t recall whether you need to save the preset at that point ALSO as an fxb - I think “Rename Program” does the work.

Could be wrong about this – it has been weeks since I did make it work, and haven’t needed to do others since.

[EDIT] I couldn’t stand it - so I ran into the other room and started up Cantabile to test it!

Yes, that is how it is done, but the steps need to be carried out precisely in the right order.

  • FIRST you select the empty slot from the top.
  • SECOND you select the patch you want assigned to that slot.
  • THIRD you go to the “hamburger” menu and select “Rename Program” and type in the name of the patch. (You can actually type anything you like here - and the slot’s assigned patch can be changed, so it could simply be renamed to “Lead” or “Behind Vocal” or anything you want.)
  • FOURTH you save your Cantabile song!

Now it is available to use as a state! (If you use Cantabile Performer, anyway.)

Remember - select the empty slot first (or the slot you want to replace with a different patch) before browsing for patches.


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Not as a “state” but as a (presumably, from the description) pseudo preset, which is supported in all versions of Cantabile.

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@brad Well, yes – I meant that the pseudo preset chosen can be represented by a state - correct?

@LeesKeys – When I save an existing preset I’ve edited in Xpand!2, I change the number and the name and save it to the User folder using the “Save” button to the left of the browser dropdown. If you never saved to it before, indeed there is not a “User” folder in the drop-down patch selector list, but as soon as I saved one there, the “User” item appeared at the bottom and displayed my saved edited copy. I was then able to assign that to an empty slot and use “Rename Program” to add it to my list of pseudo presets (using the proper terminology now!) :slight_smile:


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Thank you gentlemen, Extremely helpful, as usual :slight_smile: