Anyone using Nektar Panorama T6 and Cantabile?

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Hi everyone !
I bought recently the Nektar Panorama T6 midi controller keyboard.
I am using this controller with C3 and I am really happy with C3 that I use basically during rehearsal sessions. C3 is used with Kontakt and other Vsti like UvI Vintage Vault 2 and Steinberg Retrologue.
I am actually using the C3 solo version.
Thanks to the bindings I can control the voulumes or switch on and off the different vsti as needed.
But I would like to go further and i.e turn on or off the led buttons on the controller depending on the state of the song or send a midi message to the controller to load a preset on it when the song is loaded.
I started to read more in depth the C3 manual and it seems that I can only do these kind of stuff by using the performer version of C3.
Question1: Is that true ?
Question2: Is there anyone that have the midi implementation of this keyboard yet ? I asked Nektar but no answer yet.
Question3: Nektar is already supporting some DAW or host like Mainstage is there any contact between Nektar and Cantabile yet ?

Thanks in advance for your comments.

Best regards.

PS: Sorry for the bad english !

Hi Troman and Welcome to the forum!

Yes, it is true

I’m sorry I can’t answer the second question as I am not familiar with your keyboard, hopefully one of the group can chime in. But @brad can I’m certain answer the final 3rd question.


I use the Nektar Impact LX88+ as midi controller for Cantabile, in addition to my Korg Kronos, which I also use for a plan-B solution during a gig
The LX88+ is the simpler version of the Panorama. It has many buttons, faders, sliders, pads (almost identical to the Panorama) that can all be triggered easily within Cantabile (using bindings), including 9 faders that can be used for Hammond b3 drawbars in VB3 for example.
It is also cheaper (around 250 USD/Euro), and has a pretty good 88 keyboard for piano and synth/organ playing, especially compared to some other 88 keyboards I had (and sent back…).

I have a small Excel file (which I can share if you want) with all the Nektar controller numbers and to which I mapped them in Cantabile. Might be similar for the Panorama

Hope this helps

I have an LX88 too and would be very interested to see your Excel file.

  • Paul

I have emailed them just now

Thanks, but I don’t see it…

  • Paul

Hi folks,
thanks for the answers.
Sounds like we have an excellent community here ! Very helpful indeed !
@adderoo Also interrested by your Excel file !

I just mailed you both with the file.

Thanks a lot ! I will have a look !
Have a nice day.

Ha I see ! You identified the midi out of the keyboard that’s great ! But I will need the midi IN implementation to make i.e the display to print what I want and also the switch buttons to activate the leds adequately with the state of the C3 song when loaded.
But anyway I will have to purchase first the C3 performer version. Then I will try to see if I can identify the midi commands to switch the LEDs on and off.

Anyway A big thanks for your work on the xls you sent to us.

Have a nice day.