Anyone using Eventide Quadravox live?

Hi there,
Is anyone using Eventide Quadravox live with Cantabile? I’m getting things together for a one man show and wonder if using this plugin might be a viable option for harmonies vs a digitech hardware unit.

Hi Doug,

I too have a digitech vocalist hardware unit and the Quadravox plug and I can say that the hardware is more useful to me live because I use a midi control keyboard to add the harmonies. Quadravox only does fixed harmonies you program, so you would have to have backing midi tracks to use it. Octavox has midi capability but has to have a root note chosen so it isn’t as versatile as my hardware either. The audio quality of the plugs is great (= or better that vocalist) from my using of it in the recording studio. If Eventide were to add true MIDI controlled harmony I would use it live for sure.


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I downloaded it recently as it was offered free - I took a few minutes to look it over and wasn’t sure how to use it. Dave’s post explains what I missed.