Anyone using Controller Defaults?

I’m curious if anyone is using this feature?

I’m still working on the new bindings framework (shocking I know) and I’m not sure this fits anymore and considering dropping it or replacing it with something better.

Hi Brad,

In my case it could go. My only comment that might relate is that when I set a source controller type it will often get changed if I alter the target and I’ll have to manually set it back to the source controller type I had set previously. Is that related to this file and it’s configuration and is it something that will change in the bindings update?

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Thanks Dave.

That’s a different problem caused by Cantabile trying to guess the appropriate controller mode.

Hi Brad,

I agree with Dave. I never used defaulcontroller.


Thanks for the reply Brad, I get what’s happening and see how it is difficult to have the intuitive function it has for choosing the appropriate mode and not run into mismatches based on the given situation. Would making the source selection static and having the targets determine whether they were appropriate for the source work? Or is that a big mess?


Hi @dave_dore

With the new bindings, some of this will change and the automatic switching between controller modes will probably go away, since the mapping between different value types is more flexible and not always necessary to choose and appropriate source controller type to get a working binding.

(At least I think - much of this is still up in the air atm)



It seems a useful feature but I’ve never used it (because I didn’t know about it :slight_smile: )
In reality, setting the binding types takes relatively little time compared to tweaking and practicing using them.

So many facilities and options I have no idea exist…

I feel sure I’m doing some things a very hard way around, but you only know what you know.

I don’t use it - I used Terrys advice about using racks to get “named” outputs, so my CC values are completely internal to my setup.

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Hi Brad! I would use it to re-map lots of default note mapping from vst like SSD5 to play drum from the keyboard.

Instead of creating lots of binding in the software manually i would use this approach because is more elastic and easy to reconfigure.

I could easily play the drum part with complete custom configuration (more easy to play with fingers) so…i would be sorry if it disappeared.

That’s not really what Controller Defaults does. It’s more about configuring default behavious of a particular CC to behave as button vs slider/knob vs rotary encoder etc…

Ok, sorry me, i misunderstood :slightly_smiling_face: