Anyone using a Seaboard?

Hi all,

Just a non-Cantabile-related question. I’m so fascinated by the Seaboard. It seems to offer many more options to add expression to one’s play and would love to add the Rise 46 to my setup (once I can find the money…), so I was wondering if anyone on this forum owns or has played one and would like to share their experience with it?


They’ve got a little 2 octave one now for $300 but it’s still not the kind of toy I need to invest in at this point; too much other stuff in the queue. Would be really cool to have that poly after-touch for a CS-80 though!

You mean the blocks? A keyboard with two octaves seems too small, unless you’re only interested in playing solos with it. As far is I see it, one of the advantages of this system is that you can trigger all the effects with the keys themselves and with the strips around the key bed, instead of using a mod wheel with your left hand and being left with only your right hand to play.

One of the things I would like to know is how durable the key bed is. It’s made of silicone rubber but what about wear and tear?

Well, I took the plunge and bought the RISE 49. With a small discount from gear4best and then the 150€ cashback from ROLI itself, I convinced myself that this was the right time to buy. Now for some time to learn and master all the different techniques… Meanwhile, just enjoying myself trying out all the nice presets :upside_down_face: