Anyone use an fbv longboard?

I figured out how to make somethings work using a fbv express (not the mkii) with cantabile performer and pod hd pro and I’m very pleased with it, however the fbv express is a little awkward using the top 2 switches, it looks like the fbv longboard would work fine to do the same thing. Anyone have experience with the longboard or shortboard pre mkii? It doesn’t look like I need the usb on the mkii units to do what I want.

Thanks Doug

I’ve been using the fbv express for about 5 years now. Just using it felt a little awkward, but I learned from many Hammond players using bass boards, I take my shoes off, and am able to feel them out without looking. The reason I didn’t get a longboard, was the express leaves just enough room for my sustain pedal, under my keyboard stand. I would expect the other Line 6 units to work the same, but they also have 2-3 rows of much smaller switches, which would, for me, make it even more difficult. I occasionally use mine with Helix, but it controls everything I use, from choosing states to turning virtual pedals on and off.
OT, a “purist” guitarist in one of my bands startled me when he recently purchased a Line 6 M9. He has no idea how to program it, and asked me if I would set it up for him. I found it very convoluted, and user unfriendly. I would never use it, and I doubt he will after trying it awhile.
Since you use a pod, it may be the best choice for you. I use software in Cantabile (which is also in the hardware pod) for all my guitar stuff. It lets me use many different plugins. The newer, neural technology, has changed the amp sim world. Even though the standard companies (Guitar Rig, Amplitube, Helix, and others) are frantically trying to catch up to the technology, companies like Nembrini, ML Sound, Neural DSP, etc, are killing it with realism. I use them all, but decided to quit using so many different plugs, and narrow it down to a few, just to keep it simple.
I carry on too much, lol. Since you are using just the Pod, I would bet the longboard would be your best bet…just take your shoes off to get to those switches. :grin:



The dumbed down (EurekaProm I/O mode) FCB1010 has been good to work with. Each pedal is CC104 press, CC105 release, with the value being the number of the pedal. Then with Cantabile bindings you do whatever you want.

I’m finding that as I figure out how to use Cantabile more,
the express I have might do the job, I’m down to just 2 switches needed, song start and bypassing my vocal harmonizer. If I work with the midi files and cantabile more I might be able to only need the song start.

Cheers Doug

I do have an fbv longboard on the way. So many rabbit holes to go down lol