Anyone tried Soundpaint's Steinway?

I was not familiar with Soundpaint, it appears to be a Kontakt competitor. They offer a free download for their instrument host and a “massively sampled and layered” Steinway plus several other free things, and of course have plenty of paid instruments for their host. I’m just now trying it out and curious if anyone here has messed with it and has an opinion?

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Hi Sekim,
I did install the instrument and do find it slightly disappointing. Maybe best to describe with what it not is: bright and sparkling. It lacks some true depth and character in the sound. My own standard is the Vienna Imperial Grand, it will not replace that.
Having said it is a pretty good for a free instrument and could have its place if you need a more soft and less pronounced sound.

I agree its definitely not for pop or rock…more of a scoring sound to it. But I do find their host pretty interesting, provides a ton of flexibility. I listened to their paid pianos and their C5 is more in line with what I’d want…and has a reasonable price point imo…so I may try it.

I can’t figure out how to install it. I installed their sound engine VST and opened it in Cantabile. I put in the access key from my new account on their website, then tried to download the piano. I’ve failed repeatedly and can’t find any instructions.

All I get is:

“Can’t get product url with specified serial code”

I’ve been struggling as well, do not remember exactly how to get it done, sorry :woozy_face:

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Thanks. Never mind.

I tried the standalone version too, but got the same result. Apparently there’s a way to download it manually, with a serial code provided by them. I sent a message asking for that but got a reply earlier asking me more questions instead. I’ll update this thread if I get it to work.

Did you try using the Soundpaint downloader? Thats how I was able to get it to work.

I did, yes. and I got the same result.

Maybe it’s just that I’m trying to use it with Windows 7, but I haven’t read or yet been told that that won’t work, and it shows that I’m using Win7 in my account details on their site, automatically detected, so it seems as though they expect that.

The standalone app and VST user interfaces work, and it installed without any complaints. It’s usually fairly obvious when something won’t work in Win7, so possibly it’s just the downloader part that doesn’t work. The fact that they have a manual method as an alternative suggests that it’s not all that unusual for there to be a problem.

Well, I didn’t get to find out if it can work in Win7. Instead, I finally got a brush off response from their support staff telling me it only works on Win 10+. I have to wonder why they couldn’t state that somewhere on their website, if that’s really the case - or on one of their promotional YouTube videos.

I’m not sure what harm they think it would have done to just give me the code to try it manually. Never mind. I’ve uninstalled it.