Anyone out there using an M-Audio 88 ES controller with Cantabile Lite?

HI! I’m an old school MIDI guy–kind of a newbie to the VSTI thing, but wanting to learn how to use CLite as a host for live performance. I’ve watched youtube vids on this software and tried to use the manual, but I cannot for the life of me get my controller to work.
Here’s what I know so far:

  • The M-Audio site says this board doesn’t need drivers as it is universal compliant (something like that) so there are no drivers to update to.

  • I get sound out of the rack (piano vsti) by hitting laptop keys.

  • I see no midi activity when the keyboard is connected.

  • The usb connection powers the board, so to that extent I know the USB is active because the board lights up.

Any advice please? Thanks for any help!

It doesn’t sound like you have your virtual midi ports set up yet.

Basically, you create one with the input being your M-Audio 88 ES.

Then you pipe that to the input of the VSTi.

I hope that was somewhat clear!


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Thanks Terry! Just saw this (lol…sooooo late I know) I’ve made a little progress in the last few years. I think C3 was actually more “understandable” for me as a noob and I was able to start making my way on the learning curve.
thanks again for the reply though!

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