Anyone know of a scratchpad MIDI sequencer VST?

Hey, there are a bunch of step sequencers that are VST plugins… has anyone found a more traditional sequencer or MIDI scratchpad that is a VST? I’m not trying to turn C3 into a DAW, but, there are times when self contained song sequences would be handy and a VST sequencer seems like it should be a thing. Especially if could be creatively triggered.

… or other simple ways to solve the same problem…


I’m writing one! A couple actually. I have one ready that’s intended for use with MIDI drum patterns, but it will play any midi file - still some limitations like it will ignore pitch bends and sustain events in the input midi. It has a minimal MIDI editor as well. AND it can be creatively triggered! (at least for the purposes I have - you may need to clarify what you mean by that :slight_smile: ).

It’s open source - more info & download at the link below. If you want to discuss your particular use case please PM me.

Some time after the summer I’ll have a version intended for musical tracks (i.e. not drum tracks).