Anyone know of a good free harpsichord vst?

Looking to do harpsichord solo on Beatles In My Life. Only need for this song. Did find RMI samples that play in NKI but not the best.


You do know, of course, that it is actually a piano sped up on tape. :wink:


Hi Thomas,

In a pinch this free clav plugin will make a harpsichordy sound. Might not get you there but it’s all I can think of that is free …

Their string machine is nice too and also free …


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Corky is right though, if you take a not so great piano and artificially pitch the samples up an octave (no proper stretching) it should nail it. I bet the new Arturia Mellotron piano would rock that sound.


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Thanks guys. I’ll take a look at that

PMI used to have a very nice set of harpsichords for Giga that eventually got released for K2. They don’t seem to exist anymore and Sampletekk (what’s left of them!) has two of them for $12 apiece on their website. So, not free but pretty cheap. But then again, for close to 20 year old samples there may be better alternatives even in that price range.

Hi Fred

1stly…how did you find that accurate illustration of me? I thought I destroyed it.

2ndly…I also believe the Arturia Mellotron would nail it. The original did not have the “pluckiness” of a harpsichord, because it was a piano.

Apologies to OP for going OT.


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