Anyone know much about ngen.exe and ngentask.exe?

Trying an experiment with Linux and Cantabile installer runs and gets to a point where it stalls and error message is that ngen.exe is not found (I added the ngentask.exe as it seems logical it would be needed too).

Has anyone come across this before an if so any fixes?


ngen.exe is part of the .NET framework. Native Image Generator compiles the code to processor specific instructions to boost performance. Not sure if you can install .NET in Linux.

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There is an Open Source version of .NET. I suspect it’s not for the faint of heart (unless your are @brad or do .NET development work all the time). And I have no idea what works and what doesn’t as far as getting Windows .NET compiled code to run on Linux.

Yeah it’s Wine-Mono (.NET stuff) and that is installed, but these .exe’s are not there…just trying to find out where exactly they should be placed as there are several WINE folders in the linux file system. Might have to pose the question at WINE Forums.

When installed properly ngen.exe should reside here
Where is the version of .NET

Thanks Jtoth, but I meant in the Linux WINE folders NOT windows I know where they are there :slight_smile:

ngen is an optimization process that prevents the need for .NET IL code to be recompiled everytime the program is run. It’s not essential and .NET programs will run without it.

If you’re trying to run on Linux you might be better with the .zip package and manually installing. The .zip packages are available on the release notes page.

I don’t think anyone has succeeded yet in getting Cantabile 3 to run under Wine. I’ve not tried myself.


cool good to know that thanks Brad!

Windows has worn me down haha! Just tired of the whole corporate scene…I’ll give it a try and see how it goes. Reaper users have come up with a cool Reaper plugin called Realive that does a similar thing to Cantabile , and afaik it will run in the Reaper Linux native version, so there is that to fall back on I suppose.

I’d rather get Cantabile working though :slight_smile: