Anyone know how to create acoustic guitar impulse responses?

recently i found out that using impulse response(IR) is a great tool for performing with an acoustic guitar live. so far, i had very poor sound when playing ac gtrs live : if u use a mic, there is a problem of feedback . if u use piezo pickups, they sound brittle & terrible.
after using some IRs i found on the net, i am using cantabile to load these IRs & i have a great sound. piezo pickup —>IR in cantabile = great studio quality sound !
i just want to know if anyone here knows how u can make IRs of your own acoustic guitar? so far, i only found some poorly written incomplete posts on other forums : knock your guitar with wood etc . i tried it & got poor results.
note that i have a good sound proof room where i can make a high quality IR if i know the procedure.

You might want to check out 3 Sigma. They have a number of IR’s for acoustic.

I bought a couple to help with getting a electric sound which has an acoustic response. I haven’t tried direct acoustic and using them yet.

Wow, this is a really interesting idea that frankly never occurred to me before! I’m going to be looking into it myself. Glad you brought it up!

i already have a good bunch of acoustic IRs which i purchased. i was curious how i could make my own IRs from my own guitar , using my studio mic. for example, using a martin acoustic guitar IR on the piezo output of my custom made acoustic still sounds great, but it does not sound like my guitar.
if i knew how they make these IRs, i could make an IR of my own guitar & it would sound exactly like itself even when amplified live.

this was new to me too & it worked surprisingly well ! its not 100% realistic , but its almost 80% near a studio mic’d sound. thats sufficient for stage use, considering there are no feedback problems with it.
haha i even used it with a wireless transmitter on my acoustic & i was jumping around playing my acoustic, getting great sound without being tied to a chair near a mic.

There is a very detailed Youtube video on how to do this:

But honestly, given the number of hoops you need to jump through to create IRs and the prices for IRs from the likes of 3Sigma, I’d probably simply buy them. My dogma for live use is still “good enough is good enough”.



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Sometimes I demo tracks for people and I don’t want to set up mics for the acoustic, so I wind up just plugging in my Tak acoustic DI and it sounds… pretty bad lol. And I have to give lengthy explanations that, no, your actual final acoustic tracks will not sound this crappy :smiley: This would be an excellent fix for that situation. Or for recording acoustic that won’t really be up front in a mix. And I bet a couple guitar players I know would flat flip out over this for live use. Apparently they have little IR loader stomp-box pedals now which I didn’t know about, perfect.

It seems like the benefit of jumping through the hoops of making an IR from your own guitar might be that since you’re playing the actual guitar used to make the IR it ought to sound pretty much perfect. The problem with the others is that there would always be a small deviation between the sound of the guitar they used and yours which will affect how close the final sound is to what it should be,