Anyone have trouble saving/recalling VB3 presets?

I know a lot of guys are using this plug so figured I’d check. I’ll save a preset and sometimes when I bring it up the volume control is not what I set it at. I haven’t checked if other parameters are off but the volume is obviously very noticeable. It seems the presets can only be saved in Cantabile. Is there a way to make preset changes and save in VB3?

I think I’m missing something or doing something wrong but this is the only plug that tends to give me fits sometimes with presets.


Hi Thomas

Are you using VB3 in a rack? From my experience, it has never been user preset friendly. Since we are using Cantabile, the best approach for me has been to setup a VB3 rack, and use states to switch between settings or presets. Are you setting the volume at song level or within the VB3 GUI? All Hammond clones are best when using a volume pedal bound to the expression pedal/slider within the plugin.

I find that VB3 works best in a rack using host automation. I set up the state names like presets. This allows me to get the sound of the drawbars moving to a new position without any sound gaps. I also usually save however the state is set up as a VB3 preset so I have it as a backup in case I mess up the rack later on.

  • Paul