Anyone have success getting the new Presonus Ampire Vst3 to show?


Hi folks,
I’m a newbie with Cantabile, but have been using daws etc. for a couple of decades.

Recently Presonus released their new Ampire and pedal board proprietary plugs as Vst3.
They used a shell system.
So far I’ve had no luck getting them to show up in Cantabile.

Has anyone gotten these to show up?
Which directory did you aim the scanner at?



VST3 plugins are usually here

C:\Program Files\Common Files\VST3

Are your plugs there? It is one of the default path choices in the options of C3.

If it’s not there then it is likely in the Studio One Program folder somewhere and you can either copy it to the VST common folder or create a custom path to that folder in the options.



Hi Dave,
There is a shell file for Ampire in the vst3 folder that’s supposed to redirect through it, like waves does.
I have set C3 up to scan: C:\Program Files\Common Files\VST3 as well as other places that have pluggins.

C3 just doesn’t seem to recognize the shell file as a container/pointer for Ampire. I asked the presonus techs and they said that C3 was not on the list of programs they tested compatability with, so I may be fighting a losing battle.


There are issues with Ampire that cause it to fail to load in Cantabile. I’ve made a workaround for the next build and have also forwarded details to Presonus and they’re looking into the issue. Their bug also causes issues in Cubase so this isn’t particular to Cantabile.


Thanks Brad,
I appreciate the effort.


Build 3640 is now tagged stable.


Thanks, I will give it a try today.


@brad it will find Ampire now, but won’t load it.



Hi @Cold

As mentioned above, I’ve made a fix for this but haven’t released it because I can’t do releases right now due to a problem with getting Topten Software’s code signing certificate renewed. As soon as that’s sorted a new build will be up that should fix it.



Works now as expected.
Thank you!