Anyone have experience with AMD laptops for Cantabile?

Does anyone run Cantabile on AMD hardware? Does that work well? Driver issues (like ASIO etc?). Tx for any reactions!

Hi @Tom_Tollenaere,

maybe @cpaolo can help. From this table

it seems he is using a AMD based laptop. Personally,I have a desktop PC with an AMD based motherboard and I have experienced no problems (however, it is not a laptop).



Some time ago, I was looking for a USB3 audio interface. I don’t remember the details, but I found a mid-priced interface whose manufacturer claimed that the drivers were incompatible with AMD processors.

Generally speaking I never had problems with AMD. In 2004-2007 I had a Athlon 6400+ desktop PC and all worked well.

My tip is one: when you plan to buy new hardware, just read the specs, and be sure the producer claims the compatibility with AMD.

There is a simple answer to “is Intel and AMD the same?”. Not fully. AMD lacks some minor Intel processor instruction set. This is a very tech detail. If the hardware/software developer use these particular Intel-only instructions in a product, It won’t work on AMD. That’s rare, yet not impossible.

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