Anyone else having issues with iLok plugins in latest builds?


Hey everyone,

I’ve had a user report problems running iLok protected plugins in the latest builds of Cantabile. Weirdly it only seems to happen if “Enable High Resolution UI for Cantabile Windows” is enabled.

Anyone else noticed this?



I have a couple plugins from SoftTube using iLok and they appear to be working properly. I ensured the High Res UI was enabled.

Does it just crash or is there some other behavior I should look for?


Yeah, I’ve got a report of crashing when loading any plugin that uses iLok. Only a single user reporting it though.


I just got started, but have been getting crashes inserting my iLok VST3 plugins. For some reason, it seems like if I save frequently, I can get it to work by restarting, just calling up the song configuration again, and repeating whatever I was doing. I eventually get through the configuration that I am attempting and it played in a stable fashion afterwards. I sent a couple of the crash logs when prompted, but not all of them.


I have several iLok protected plugins, but no issues here. I am using the latest build.
I have the ‘Enable High Resolution UI for Cantabile Windows’ also active.


That sounds similar, but the other user reports an instant crash when loading any iLok plugin. I’ll take a look at your crash reports and see if they’re similar.