Anybody get a 64 bit looper working?

I’ve tried like every plugin that pops up on google. Running windows 10 . surface pro 3 computer.

What are your requirements? Do you need multiple channels or simple overdub? I use GLoop, its basic but its rock solid and works great during performances. It has layers that you can undo and recall but only one true channel. Its also free and 64 bit. I guess you could probably figure out a way to use multiple plugin if you needed more than one channel.

Check it here:

I haven’t tried this one much and I’m not sure about the 64 bit, but it says on the download pages it is (I’m not sure if that is just the stand alone though.)

I’ve had pretty good luck using jBridge to use 32 bit VSTs inside Cantabile x64

I never had any luck with jbridge I did get gloop to work but I had trouble getting the midi cc triggers to work properly mainly the undo. Circular labs is 32 bit it works well as a standalone app. Maybe I’ll just go back to 32 bit unfortunately I’ll have to ditch amplitude 4 then. Thanks for the reply

Hmmm. You might wanna play w/ GLoop a bit more, Amp 4 is too good of an improvement to ditch :slight_smile: My configuration for GLoop is: Rec/ODub CC16, Play/Stop CC17, Clear Last CC18, Reset CC19.

Then my 4 switch pedal (FBV Express) works well. I hit record to start the loop, when I’m read to end the loop I hit play. Then overdub and play to lock in a second layer. Undo removes 2nd layer and reset clears all loops ready to start fresh.

Which hardware controller are you trying to use?

Hmm I’ll try gloop again I’m using a soft step 2. It must be a problem with my set up of the controller. I probably just need more patience I’m used to working with logic pro and main stage on a mac book pro. I find windows 10 frustrating.
But really like using the surface pro 3 clamped onto a mic stand. Its pretty ideal.

That is exactly what I do, clamp my surface pro to my mic stand. I also have two music stands hooked to it and two utility trays. Too much weight right now, need to add some free weight plates to the stand so it won’t fall over but its super convenient.

I’ve never heard of the SoftStep2 but it looks like it fits the bill and should work fine. The pressure sensitive pads and directional sensitivity add a bit of complexity to the configuration I’m sure. Good luck!

I tried it again seems to be working ok. My problem was the host tempo sync when enabled I couldn’t record.
I had to adjust my control to. I can set it up so it sends different cc messages based on double taps and holds and what not that was a bit messed up. I wish it had fade out options and reverse but oh well.