Anybody else having issues with Keyscape?

Hi guys,

I put a linked rack containing Keyscape in an existing show that was fine and it started hanging Cantabile. Any one else having issues with Keyscape?


Keyscape is a resource hog. I would love to use it live, but, unless you have plenty of ram, a quick hard drive, and a great cpu, it will give you problems . If you are using the latest C3, you can run the profiler and check to see what is taxing your system. A great tool provided by Brad.

Edit: You can always send a crash report to Brad for analysis. Also do a forum search for “Keyscape”.

I was, but I mailed customer support, and they sent me a link to a new online installer with instructions. That solved my problem :slight_smile:

Hi @Toaster, I desisted to use Keyscape with Cantabile. Sadly it’s not useable because of the impossibility to switch song and having a playable instance of Keyscape (or Omni) ready to go. Is that the only problem that you have? Or other?

@hermanoantequera hi, are you able to use Keyscape in Cantabile without any problem now?

Yes, @CreativiTea, Keyscape is working flawlessly now. These are the instructions I got from Spectrasonics:

Please navigate to this location and delete the Keyscape folder:

C: ProgramData\ Spectrasonics

To turn on Hidden Files and Folders in Windows 7 and later, go to Control Panel/ Appearance and Personalization/ Folder Options/ View Tab and select Show Hidden Files and Folders. Hit Apply.

I’m going to send you an additional download for Keyscape. When the download completes, do not move anything outside of the installation folder and install using the PLEASE READ.pdf instructions. If your internal drive does not have enough space, you can download the installation folder to your external drive, and install it to your internal drive from there.

Keyscape Download Manager for WINDOWS

Keyscape Download Manager for MAC

After the download completes, be sure to back up the resulting 77gb Keyscape Installation folder, as that folder contains reusable installation data that you can use for future installs on both Mac and Windows systems – failure to back that folder up may create the need for you to purchase a new installer through our Techshop for a small fee, as these downloads typically cost $10 as an additional support option, and will require this fee to download moving forward.

Hope this is helps.

Then, follow the included instructions to get installed.

I know Keyscape uses up more resourses than average but really it works fine in my setup, and it is such a great instrument. I just love the beautiful Rhodes pianos it offers among other patches. My paltop has 16GB of internal memory and I use preloaded setlists with loads of VST’s, including Keyscape, Hybrid, Blue3, Omnisphere and Massive, but so far, I have not used up more than 9GB.

Wow. So you already tried to switch 2 or more songs inside cantabile, each with minimum 1 instance of Keyscape, with different patches on every song?

p.s. I sent you a message :slight_smile:

Yep, no problem at all

Hi guys,

Sorry for the lack of a reply, I’ve been away all weekend.

Thanks for the answers, I have quite a powerful machine, it’s an i7 (can’t remember off the top of my head but it was the most powerful one I could get in a laptop a year ago) 32GB of RAM, all samples on fast Samsung SSDs and OS on an M.2 SSD. Should be more than powerful enough, even with something like Keyscape. I was just using Keyscape on one patch, and then routing it through guitar rig (and it’s entirely possible that’s what was causing the issue!).

Cantabile would randomly hang during the show. No crash but blue circle of death and no sound…

I’ve got all the latest updates for Keyscape, @hermanoantequera, but if that method worked for you, I may try that, but there’s no links in your post…

When I’ve got some time later in the week, I’ll get the profiler on it and see if I can properly narrow it down…

Cheers as always for the help, guys.



Hi Herman

As I stated above: “unless you have plenty of ram, a quick hard drive, and a great cpu”. You apparently have a computer that can handle it which is great. Many people, as I, are still running 8GB ram. I would love to run Omnisphere and Keyscape in a live gig, but unless you are playing the “big” stages, it is almost overkill. Those beautiful sounds are not going to translate well in many band situations. Running mono out of an amp competing with other amps becomes a matter of cutting through. This has been discussed on other threads here at length. I also need fast song switching, which is why I pick and choose my sounds carefully as to what cuts through the mix, what sounds good, and load incurred. My setlists usually contain 40-50 songs, and my RAM usage runs about 4.5GB. Again, would love to have a setup like yours, but I don’t. All my setups are based on the bands I play with, and the venues where I perform. However, my experimental 3-piece band would be a perfect situation for me to use Keyscape. All the sound is very controlled and we run in full stereo. :sunglasses:



Hi Pierce,

I had all the updates as well, but the support representative told me to delete the Keyscape folder in the steam folder and then use the downloadable installer. After that, I had to update Keyscape in the usual manner.

I did not include the actual links because they turned out to be single-use only (once downloaded, the links expire). The support representative told me to back up the resulting folder for future use instead.

My advice is to just send them a message explaining the issue. In my case, they responded the very next day and he was very helpful.

Good luck,

ok guys. would you please make a setlist (or even without setlist) and switch among these songs and try if you can play everything? usually the first song you load doesn’t have problems. usually the last song you load has problems. i.e.:

if I load songs in order 1, 3, 2, 4, maybe 1, 2 and 3 doesn’t have problems, but surely 4 has.

again, if I load in order 3, 4, 2, 1, the 1 has problems.

the problems are that I have no sound: MIDI arrives, even within Keyscape (the little “play” triangle down to the left, of the preview, lights on when I play), but the volume meter - both Keyscape’s and Cantabile’s - doesn’t move.

Cantabile just updated to the latest. Keyscape updated. Sent 3 emails to Spectrasonics in months, never an answer.

song 1.cantabileSong (45.6 KB)
song 2.cantabileSong (49.2 KB)
song 3.cantabileSong (27.1 KB)
song 4.cantabileSong (24.0 KB)

Hi Rob,

Some of your songs contain VB3, which I do not own, so I am unable to test the songs with that plugin. However, I loaded all four songs into an existing setlist, made sure the the entire setlist was preloaded, and all Keyscape sounds in all four songs play like they should.


thank you, nvm for VB3, it was only to have another VST loaded, didn’t matter which one.

It works fine on my machine too, if I pre load the set list…

As far as my initial crashes were concerned, now I’ve got the laptop home, I can’t re-create the crash…



ok. could you try without pre-loading the setlist? :slight_smile: thank you.

Hi @CreativiTea,

Yes, when you don’t pre-load the setlist, it does what you say. Not sure why, but that’s why you want to per-load your setlists…


yes, but this way it is that you can use Keyscape only with Cantabile Performer… :slight_smile:

Keyscape is also causing problems in other programs like Akia’s VIP. My gigging rig is a 8 core and running 32 gigs of ram seems to be more stable but I have subs for piano and Rhodes …piano -UVI Ravenscroft 275 and Lounge Lizard for Rhodes…