Anybody adding iOS devices to their set-up? How?

I got a “free” iPad mini from my cell carrier and some free Korg Module software with a micro controller I picked up. Ive never been an Apple fan, but I must admit I like the EP and Piano sounds in that thing.
I think I’d like to incorporate the iPad Mini with my Surface Pro / C3 rig to explore this Korg software for live use. Can this be done?

So my question is…how do I set the iPad running it’s Korg vsti as an instrument for my controller to access in C3? Will this involve setting discrete midi channels for the Korg Module?

I am currently using a LX88 Impact controller connected to the C3/Surface Pro through a usb hub/splitter (non powered). I am assuming I can connect the iPad to the rig through the usb splitter?

Im a little confused…Thanks for any info you guys can share

Hi @Synthola,

Anything here help:


I use products from these people to connect (and control) my Windows/iOS tablets, Roland “Integra-7” sound module, EWI5000 (wind controller) and keyboard controller. Also, the iOS devices are charged during use. Hope this helps.


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