Any Similar Experience With Pop-Up GUI's?


I am currently running 3289, and in the past 2 weeks, I created an Addictive Keys rack, and a JV1080 (cloud) rack, both with custom states. When songs load, The AK and JV1080 GUI pops up. I checked all my song bindings, and all my Background Rack bindings. Nothing. I finally discovered if I lock the states, the GUI’s don’t pop up anymore. Is this normal behavior now? Was there an update I didn’t fully read, or is it my normal pilot error? I was thinking it might be part of the Roland problem, but AK also does it.


Hi Corky,

From my experience this does not sound normal. Gui Visibility shouldn’t change because of state locking. FWIW Build 3531 does not act that way and displays the GUI when expected with locked rack states. Does it go back to working if you unlock the states?



Hi Dave,

It is not going back to the previous behavior if I unlock. This was over a two week period, so it happened several times until I locked the states. Go figure.



Had to set up another Rack for my Bias sim after I mistakenly erased states in that rack. I created new states and tested all to be sure states were working fine. I then added the rack to several songs. Now, as before, the GUI for Bias pops up in every song on load. I haven’t locked the states yet to see if that corrects the problem. Still looking things over until locking.