Any Nektar Impact lx users?

I cant get the transport buttons to work with Cantabile2. Its not C2 as i can assign other buttons to trigger C2 transport controls just not the dedicated ones.The lx setup shows it has cc assigned to them they just dont output.(checked with data logger)

whoops just reset the keyboard and it works fine,not sure what happend!

I’ve been thinking about purchasing this keyboard. May I ask your opinion about it? What’s the keyboard action like?

i think its great.i bought online so didnt try it.I was going on features.My old behringer didnt have a screen so couldnt tell what channel it was on!
Works with cubase too.i dont uses any settings on the keybord,do it all in Cantabile…faders and pots have good amount of resistance,not too light.Only minus are pads ,rock hard! but they are sensitive
Im not much of a player so keybed was secondary but i do like this one ,fast and light is how i would describe it.there is some resistance at first which seems to give way as you press down,a long way from weighted action!

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I owned one before the current KL88 (and before that a Numa Nano)…keybed, IMO is crap! Sorry to say as are some of the controller operations. I found several buttons to be a tad flaky and sliders were imprecise. jmo and ymmv :wink:

LX88 here.
Sure the keybed is really cheap and the feels it transmits it’s nothing to write home about.
Nonethless, it has a ton of realtime controls and, best of it all, it weighs NOTHING! I can carry it with ease wherever! Even a mid-light featured keyboard weighs three times more compared to the LX88.

Definitely i am happy with it and, speaking of playability, i get used of it and, tuning the velocity response and velocity curve, i have a good control over it!

For sure i would love to have an implementation of its features inside Cantabile. I tried to find some specs of it but i just have the “implementation files” for Reaper and Cubase (StudioOne from Presonus seems to be the “best implemented” DAW at the moment).
If those “implementation files” can be useful someway, i can post them here.


I just bought LX88, and started to use few days ago. Having problem that’s the same case as yours.
May I ask how to reset the keyboard? I have been fixing it for couple days, but it still doesn’t work.

The other thing, Do you know why it has no signal from D3-G3?

back page in manual! hold down both octave buttons and swith it on
mines looses this function every so often for no reaso btw

I’vw been using the LX88 as my main controller, still learning it but I love this thing for its control sliders and buttons. If I could find a controller with a keybed like a Nord (rounded edges? Waterfall?) and the controllers I’d be set. Does anyone know if the Nektar sliders can be configured as drawbars for VB3 or AZR3 organ stuff? I think ive seen something that sd “drawbars” in the docs…

Feels cheapy-synthy, but sturdy enough for gigs. Even for synthy stuff, it’s nowhere like a Fatar feel. Still, it’s light and supremely flexible, and I lucked into mine for $75 almost brand new condition orphaned from a repair shop. Cant beat that for 88keys :+1::slightly_smiling_face:

I have an LX88. You can use Cantabile to configure the sliders for the draw bars. Just figure out what each slider generates a CC, and then reassign them in cantabile for what VB3 needs. In fact you can make a rack out of it to use across all your songs.

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Hey @LeesKeys , personally, I would advise you against getting the Impact. I actually owned and used the Impact LX61+ for about a year but recently sold and replaced it by another midi controller (Arturia keylab 61 mkii). What a difference!

I did not like the keybed on the Impact at all. It is very cheap and “plasticky” and does not seem to respond to a more subtle playing style (dynamics!). It’s was fine for use in my studio (where I could edit the midi notes manually later) but I hated it during live performance.