Any Current Interest In Live Streaming Performances or Concerts Here?

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Just checking in as to whether there is any interest in live-streaming here? That is, live-streaming performances and concerts to YouTube or Twitch?

I’ve been thinking of pulling together some new videos on using Cantabile with OBS to stream to YouTube, for instance, to replace my older ones - now that capabilities have improved massively and now that more people have the bandwidth necessary these days.

It is a great way to keep in practice or do improvised performances with an audience, but don’t expect to pull a big audience unless you can connect with your fans via a mailing list or by other means to advertise when these are happening. Plus, YouTube records it for posterity also.


Cantabile Webinar 5 on Live Streaming 2021 02 15 - YouTube


Hard to believe that was a year ago.

I know, right?


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I’m not sure how I’d cope with a live stream, then there’s the unreliable internet.
I haven’t the space or other hardware for live.

musician and bricks

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Something I’m interested in. I have done sessions on Zoom which have been live streamed to Facebook. I’m using a MOTU 828 with some clever wiring to get the inputs and outputs in the right place. I tried VoiceMeeter but the latency wasn’t acceptable. Cantabile is excellent for handling audio for this. The fly in the ointment is Zoom which was never intended for music only for speech. Has anyone tried Zencastr?

Is that called bricking it? :nerd_face:

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You can set up Zoom to use “Original Sound”, which bypasses the noise reduction and vocal processing entirely. There are quite a few videos on setting that up, just search for the more recent ones as the steps needed have changed over time. I set people up wanting to do presentations with music over Zoom fairly often. Once done on your end, your listeners will hear hi fidelity stereo sound.

Thanks Terry. I have all the correct settings but have a poor internet provider so get dropouts. I’m wondering if its better to record locally to preserve the audio but then it could get out of sync

Yes, that is what I did before switching to live are among to Youtube was record everything and then upload. I do a hybrid for my live streams now, recording locally during the livestream via OBS.

MOTU runs zoom webinars every week, and thought they use original sound for the stream and recorded using Zoom, the also capture the audio locally because Zoom only records a mono signal, so they have to play their stereo recording over the Zoom video in post.

That’s harder than it sounds. To get another channel for audio recording is difficult because audio ports tend to be exclusive. That’s why I had to do some external wiring on the MOTU. But I’m open to suggestions and to any links that would help.

If you connect Voicemeeter’s A1 output to your ASIO audio interface, your latency should be minimal. Using Voicemeeter Banana, you can record audio directly into its built in recorder. Just a suggestion.