Any changes in 4.0 related to Voicemeeter Patch Insert?

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I haven’t experienced any problems with Cantabile and Voicemeeter (like glitchy sound until PC restart) for months. And only change I can recall is that I switched to 4.0 beta version. Were there any changes?

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Hey - great question! I use that setup via Cantabile V3 for ARC3 and for the Waves NX headphone driver and still have gotten some glitches using a Focusrite 2i2. I will SURELY try it using V4 tonight!


Which build were you guys using?

I updated from V3 (3665) where I had intermittent issues (fixed by cycling the Cantabile power button) to having constant issues with V4 4052. It can take a dozen tries, sometimes only fixing itself after a restart.

I’ve tried a number of things that were recommended to fix the problem. I was hoping that using my Focusrite’s ASIO output would solve the issue, but it’s still a constant pain in the butt.


Try this Crazy workaround/suggestion how to fix distorted/broken sound when Cantabile used with Voicemeeter Asio Patch Insert it always helps when it happens (very rarely recently) on my machine. Maybe it will be fixed in new Voicemeeter version this autumn.

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