Another very worthy Oberheim: OB-Xtreme2

As folks have some issues with OP-X Pro, which is a venerable Obi clone.
There is OB-Xtreme2.

Sounds great, supports oversampling, very simple authorisation and inexpensive.
The pre-filter overdrive is particularly tastey.
Nice take of the voice cards and an extra LFO.
The bandpass filter is really sweet.

There I was thinking, do we need another obie clone, but this sounds pretty damn good! And price is pretty reasonable as well - €45

I am wrong, or there’s not a demo version?

Yeah, you’re right, there’s no demo.
You could email the dev direct, his contact details are on the site.
It’s a wonderful synth, but if you’re disappointed I’m sure you can request a refund.

There’s a thread on KVR discussing the synth, the lack of demo, etc.

I’m sure this is at least somewhat better than OB-Xd, but how much better? Can’t do my own eval since they don’t offer a demo…

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Yesterday I sent a request for demo to the developer, still waiting for his reply. Hope to try the synth, before the purchase

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The developer didn’t reply me within twenty days. Apparently, he is not interested in selling his obie.

I don’t think you can infer he is not interested in selling, just that he is not interested in providing a demo - perhaps he is worried about a demo being circumvented and is it worth that (a demo) for €45. But I know other companies do provide demos at that price point You of course have buyers’ choice of to buy or not to buy!

And we also do not know the developer’s personal circumstances that may influence his choices.

For example, I sell Java based librarians for about ten different types of keyboards/rack synths that I own and have done for about 20 years. I do not go out of my way to advertise them. Why not, when I could potentially reach more people and make more money? The simple answer is I’m unlikely to ever earn enough from them to pay the mortgage and put food on the table and keep me in my accustomed lifestyle, and I have a full time day Job that does that. So I am happy with the trickle of sales I get that offsets my development costs that I put aside for VST purchases, but I do not want to be so big that all of my spare time is taken up in support.

So maybe the developer for this Obie is in a not dissimilar position. He has sufficient sales with his selling model and that’s enough.

Just saying, and, as I said above, to buy or not to buy is your choice if you do not like his approach. I’d be happy to take a punt on this if I did not already have Obie emulations. So, it is of interest but the Obie gap is already filled in my studio by many Obie emulations .

Sure, maybe OB-Xtreme is not his first incoming source.
There’s lots of low priced plugs with available demos, anyway. Cherry Audio just to mention one.

I don’t think the lack of the demo depends on preventing it from being copied.
Why should I use the illegal copy of a $45 instrument?
I like to support small developers, purchasing their VSTs, but in this particular case I didn’t like his attitude.

The only thing (music software) I have bought without a demo is Superior Drummer and BBCSO. First, given the nature of those products a demo is mostly (though not totally) impossible. Second, there are a ton of reviews and demonstration videos for those products. Third, I knew I really really wanted them and would like them. If a product can’t meet those three criteria, its three strikes and they’re out as far as me buying them without a demo first. A presets or midi lib or something like that, sure. But not an instrument. Especially when their forum had a number of posts about things not working.

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