Another oddity - Note binding

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I decided to try this note binding suggested to me in my last post:

When I press a note this binding immediately sends out note-on messages, but sends nothing when I release the note. It does much the same sort of thing if I choose a controller as the target. This seems wrong to me?

The idea is for any note activity to trigger a MIDI activity indicator on my iPad. My MIDI indicator is always looking for MIDI note #0.

Hi The_Elf,

The binding I posted was for a note to CC button. To use a single MIDI note you must add a second binding that sends a ‘Note Off’ message to the same target note.

Sorry if I gave wrong instructions, I thought you wanted a CC message as the target for your indicator, anyway this method will get it done. As for there being no ‘Note Switch’ as a target like there is for the source (and it only allows one note at a time, no ‘Any’ selection) I would have to defer to @brad.

ADDENDUM, I posted the wrong picture and corrected it.


Thanks for that, Dave.

Penny may be dropping…

So ‘Note’ in the context of a binding is actually ‘Note On’. I need both that and a ‘Note Off’ binding to do the whole job.

Seems a bit odd, but I think I get it.

Yes, that right The_Elf, since notes can hold (stay on at the given velocity) the note and note off are separate for the purpose of target bindings. The Note (switch) is a Source only thing that produces a note on and off in the manner of a button (no hold of the note). All other note use in bindings is either note or note off.



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Thanks for helping me to understand. Often you have to throw yourself in and try to swim before these things become clear.

TBH it doesn’t matter whether I use a note or a controller for my indicator. It’s just getting something out of Cantabile I can rely on that matters. With your help I seem to have achieved that.

I have 16 little indicators that will help me when I’m setting up new songs:

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