Another newbie question

Hi all.
I just joined and I am starting with Lite. The question I have is, does the lite version “show” everything the other 2 versions show, but the functionality is not activated until you upgrade? The reason I’m asking is, how do I know if something I’m trying to learn is either (a) not working because I don’t know how to do it right or (b) not working because the function I’m playing with is not “activated” in lite?

Many thanks for any help that comes my way. :upside_down_face:

Welcome aboard. I’m not sure how to answer your question directly but a good start may be the version comparison page, in case the excluded options don’t appear.


Yeah. I will be trying to do that. I have to get my head around the terminology of songs, states, racks, embedded racks and bindings in order to figure out what they can and can’t do wrt the versions.
I’ve successfully created a basic link that works with a VSTi, but then I tried to patch in a compressor and got no output getting to the speakers.
Oh well. That’s what learning is all about.
thanks for your help.

Keep at it. Sounds like you should look into creating a route from the instrument to the compressor. Things don’t connect together automatically or the way you may like it to. You have to deliberately tell Cantabile what to do with what.

Best of luck.

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I’m going to take tomorrow off and spend some time at my computer to dig in.
I remember (in the routing window I think) where I added the compressor and then re-connected the links between the objects. Input to synth (midi activity showing active, virtual cable to compressor in and virtual cable from compressor to speakers). It worked just fine without the compressor.
Let’s see what tomorrow brings. Thanks!

Hi David and Welcome,

Only the available features will be visible in each version as far as I know. So you shouldn’t run into un-activated features.



I don’t use the routing GUI view, but I suspect that you might be connecting the midi out of the vst to the compressor instead of the audio out. Just a guess.

Cantabile is a very powerful piece of software. You can’t think to learn all its features without reading the (downloadable) online guide.
Even things that seem to be the basics are worth a look in the manual.

I benefit from visuals when learning so found Brad’s videos very helpful.

As soon as I moved to gigging with only a midi controller and Cantabile I upgraded from Solo to Performer just to not have to sort out what tips here on the forum were relevant. Once I was using Performer I then understood I actually needed several of the features it provides.

Yes. I have already discovered a feature that will make me upgrade from lite.
In the meantime, this mornings 1st experiments with the laptop testing have stopped as I am getting a song save error message that I have sent to Brad.
In the meantime, yes, I will be watching the videos.
Thanks very much.

Although most on here don’t use it much, it may help you if you use the “wiring diagram” view, rather than the table view. But have a good luck at the default table view to see what it looks like, and what it tells you about how your vst is routed before you go to “Wiring view”. It will show your vst connected to the speakers. Moving your cursor around the screen will trigger the appearance of a “Plus sign”. Click on this and it will open the “add item” drop down list where you can look for your compressor. Then simply click and drag the speaker end of the “wire” to the compressor, then click and drag its output to the speakers. It should be up and running, but then go back to the table view and see how it has changed to include the compressor into the routing.

Almost a year in and I still use the Diagram view to build, then switch to Wiring to set levels.
This Forum has a few members that can make some crazy things happen. It’s like a challenge if you develop a need and post it. “I’d like to control my toaster with a foot pedal”
Cantabile is unbeaten for creative musicians.
“I need AI to do backing vocals”

Yes. I like the wiring view to begin a layout. Then reverting to the table view to control the details. This looks like fun.

Yes it really is fun!

I have the privilege to play in a worship band at church, so instead of making one set list for a number of gigs, I get to make at least one every week. It may only be 5 or 6 songs long, but sometimes we do a “mash-up”, so I then combine the two songs into one so that I can transition smoothly, so I am always programming away, coming up with ways to do what I want to achieve. However, I am light years behind some of the guys on here, who really do know their stuff and are really helpful!

Enjoy your journey of discovery!