Another New Cantabile 3 user :-D

Hello all,
I’ve been using Cantabile for a few weeks now, I have the basics of this sorted.
Cantabile and the VST’s I have, really came alive when I switched from the awful
and noisey on board audio to a half decent soundcard with 3 line outs. I have been using VST’s for just as long and still learning everything and getting my self aquainted with a bigger mixer.

I found Cantabile by searching for vst hosts, then the penny dropped, when I remembered someone else uses this with there live gigs/rigs, (Derek) so it has to be good. Here I am :smiley: I think saying good is quite under rated.

Cantabile is running on a PC, built soley for running my VST’s, via a Roland
UM-2 USB midi. Windows was stripped of its bloat using vlite and has been quite stable, except for a few crashes caused by vst’s, cantible however has been rock solid.

Most of the music I have made is soundtrack orientated or, sounds like its should be (sometimes I don’t intend for anything to sound like sound track, it just turns out that way). Sometimes I’ll try dable in some ambient recordings. I’m not a live performer,
soley studio only.

One feature which really impressed me the most is the auto recording of midi
data, with this I can catch noodles. Not long ago I had my eye on Triton extreme LE, It was suggested to me some of the Roland synths would suit me better which have a roll back feature which captuered the last 45 seconds of what was played. After this, I was eyeing off the fantom G7 (I also wanted something a bit newer as well). With this auto record feature, This obsoetes the G7 feature, as it is limitless.

I really wish I had’ve thought of Cantabile, or knew of it before, there were so many lost ideas in the past, :’-(, not so for future noodling/improvs.

Cheers :smiley:


Hi, Laura, and welcome to the community here, as well as our other great community.

Another convert! :slight_smile:

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The more you use Cantabile the more you’re going to like it and wonder how you ever managed without it…at least that is how it has worked out for me as a non-keys playing guitarist. The wealth of knowledge that is shared here especially among the keys playing folks, and not just about Cantabile but all the other goodies to make music, is truly amazing.


Thanks, It didnt take much to convert me. After a week of using
Cantabile I was handing over money :smiley:


Thanks :smiley:
I can’t see myself without this now. So much more can be done.
I had one idea for a small feature already I guess could be added.

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You can add suggestions on Cantabile’s Trello board - see link at top of page.


Thanks for the tip, I’ll do that.