Another Air £1 deal at pluginboutique


If anyone still needs a decent virtual-analog for very little money: PluginBoutique are having one of their frequent £1 sales. Since the Air plugin range only allow you to install on two machines (which is one too few for me…), this is the chance to grab two or three licenses for pocket change…

Get it here




Is the dongle included? (joke)


(serious) no need for a dongle - you can authorize the hard drive. That’s what I use for my live laptops - don’t want to carry a breakable dongle to a gig…


Yes, I know; I have some ilok plugins on my studio computer with pace authorization. If the machine fails and I’m not able to deauthorize the plugins before I’d have a problem. For now I try to avoid such things on my live machines.




I took advantage of this - looking forward to testing it. I also bought Hybrid 3 this way. The authorization system seemed reasonable to me (worked and hasn’t caused any issues on several machines)


Thanks for the heads up @Torsten!