Android Version?

It would be great if Cantabile could run on an Android tablet. The latest versions are fast, small, and cheap. Below is a link to one on sale in Austin, Texas, USA on June 18, 2020 for $84 USD. Since the link will expire eventually, here are the details.

  • A high-quality 10.1" tablet that runs on Android™ OS 8.1, has a built-in Quad-Core processor, 16 GB of internal storage, and a Micro USB keyboard
  • Powerful Quad-Core processor and 1 GB of RAM lays endless entertainment options right at the tip of your fingertips
  • Run apps and games in high resolution (1024 x 600) with ease thanks to the independent graphics chip
  • Micro USB keyboard offers further versatility in everyday usage, effectively giving your tablet the practicality of a laptop

  • Google Mobile Services bundle brings a collection of Google Apps to your tablet, ensuring an unforgettable user experience
  • Portability that affords you the luxury of bringing your entertainment with you wherever you go
  • Front and rear cameras make it convenient to take pictures or video chat in crystal-clear resolution
  • Connect to external devices wirelessly via Bluetooth®
  • Power: Built-in, rechargeable battery (5,000 mAh), AC power adapter
  • Expand your storage capacity via the SD or SDHC card slots (max. 32 GB)

|OS/Platform:|Android™ 8.1|

|Screen Size:|10.1"|
|Screen Type:|LCD Touchscreen|
|Screen Resolution:|1024 x 600|
|Touch layer type:|Multi-Touch, Capacitive|
|Storage capacity:|16 GB|
|Memory Card Support:|Micro SD, Micro SDHC (Max. 32 GB)|
|System memory:|1 GB RAM|
|Wireless Source:|Bluetooth®|
|Processor type:|RK3126C Quad Core|
|Camera sensor resolution:|0.3 MP|
|Battery, type:|Rechargeable|
|Battery, capacity:|5,000 mAh|
|Dimensions (in)|10.15 x 5.80 x 0.43 [ L x W x H ]|
|Weight (lbs)|1.09|

To begin with…1 GB Ram will get you nowhere, as many vsts demand minimum 4GB. Then, there are the connections. Think about it.

I imagine this might be possible some day after the Mac port now that .Net is available as open source. I have no inside knowledge of Brad’s schedule, but I wouldn’t hold my breath. But like @Corky says, I’m not sure what would be small enough to run on it. But, it would be good for @Torsten’s Live Prompter,


This is how I did it:

Looks like fly-by marketing to me. I’d delete this thread.

@RonArt has been around the forum for awhile. And I don’t think Fry’s does that kind of ads. Fry’s is a US-base geekware company that started as a convenience store in the Silicon Valley. Back then, they had beer, soft drinks, and junk food. They started putting silicon chips besides the potato chips (crisps) and it just took off. I bought my first version of WordPerfect there in the 80’s.

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I’ll accept that the tablet does not have the necessary storage. As to connections, I would think its USB port would do, no? Maybe some day we’ll be able to dump MS, before it decides to change something and leave everybody scrambling.

If anyone kmows how to delete a thread, go ahead and kill this one. BTW, I am not conncected to FRYS as to compensation. I do live a mile away from them and spend a lot of money there on various projects. But I also frequent Altex, Mouser, DigiKey, Maxim Integrated, and a few Chinese PCB manufacturers.

Unfortunately, LivePrompter is Windows only at this time. Was hoping to get around to doing an Android version this year, but currently my professional life is so crazy that I just can’t find the time…



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Cantabile alone wouldn’t be of much use - it would need the instrument plugins as well. And since there is no Android equivalent to the VST standard, there just isn’t an ecosystem for a host program like Cantabile to support.

Currently, all software instruments or effects on mobile devices that I know are stand-alone, handling MIDI and audio input on their own.

So I wouldn’t count on an Android version of Cantabile any time soon…

Cantabile alone wouldn’t be of much use - it would need the instrument plugins as well. And since there is no Android equivalent to the VST standard, there just isn’t an ecosystem for a host program like Cantabile to support.

Ah, so in my case, Grace would need to be Android too. My plugins (to Grace) are .wav files.

It’s well known that latency on Android is pretty poor, so I can’t see it being a good choice. Even if it could be ported to iOS, which is arguably more suited to the task, is it really something we need?

At the moment there is no equivalent of the VST standard on either platform - and processing power is very limited.

Tablets are what they are - trying to make them into something they’re not is bound to lead to tears.


I defnintely think Mac users are going to feel like they’re first in line on this one :wink:

IOS actually does have an equivalent with AUs which can be used with GarageBand and other IOS apps.From what I’ve tried they work pretty well and you definitely can do guitar modelling through an iPad. That said, I do like the Windows tools better (haven’t tried on a Mac).

I doubt that any of us running Cantabile on a PC have any love for the idea of converting everything to AUs and porting our live rigs to an iPad!

The iPad can be fun for something to mess around on. Mine is compatible with my audio interface and with the number of free guitar sims has been great to play with. That said, I wouldn’t switch my rig to an ipad any time soon.

Windows 10 was introduced on July 29, 2015. Next month will be 5 years. MS should be changing something right about now.

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Updates ARE the change. The “Big Brother” OS will be revealed after all the updates are fully tested on Win 10 privacy invasion expectations. Much like Google and Amazon. They will know everything about you…your movements, purchases, heart rate, blood pressure, your current haircut, and will even perform a prostate exam while you sleep.

But, what do I know? Experiencing new Microsoft OS versions of the past, it will take numerous updates to fix it. Such as a prostate exam becoming an upper GI scope, or a LARGE catheter installation. I think I will just sit on the sidelines and watch. :smirk:

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When we were programmers, machines were sold and software was given away. Now, usually, both are sold, so both must be constantly changing to bring in new money. I used (free) Skype in preparing for my 1-year see-where-my-ancestors-lived trip to Spain, a (before-I-kick-the-)bucket list item. Now, with Covid-19, my friends and I are physically (not socially) distancing on Skype. Its end-of-life scheduled for this time next year. Move along, little doggie, move along.

Great song: Stevie Wonder’s Yesterme Yesteryou Yesterday (What happened to the world we knew)

We grew old my friend. The world passed us by, and will never be the same. I am turning gigs down, mainly because I don’t feel any amount of money is worth my life, but I also feel there would be no fun. Stay at home has become a comfortable lifestyle.

True, so true (a comfortable lifestyle). I’m not religious but we are blessed. 'wishing a Stay Safe to all, and many more yesterdays.

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