Analog Lab 2 patch select

Hi @terrybritton and @Neil_Durant, I noticed on a previous post you are using Arturia V collection. I have Analog Lab 2 which I think is a subset of V collection. In this version Arturia state to select a patch from a specific playlist you send a bank select and program change number. Unfortunately I can only select patches from playlist 1. I’m sending an On load with Program Change Banked 2.1 but this doesn’t select playlist 2. Have you had this working?

Could this be a timing issue? What happens if you click the little play icon on the On Load binding - does it work in that case?

Hi Chris,

I’m not sending bank/program changes to select patches - I’m just using “Entire bank” state behaviour, so the whole state of the Arturia plugin is stored in Cantabile rack states. Since the Arturia plugins change quickly, this is fast enough for me. Perhaps bank/program changes could be a little faster, if you can get them working.


Hi Brad, using the play icon doesn’t work.

OK, have you checked the MIDI bank/program change events are getting to the plugin (right click plugin slot -> MIDI monitor). If they’re showing up there then it must be something internal to the plugin.

The other thing to consider - could this be a zero/one based bank/program number issue. By default Cantabile displays bank numbers zero based and program numbers 1 based. Perhaps you’ve got a mismatch there somewhere.

Definitely getting to the plugin.
ch 1 Controller 0=0
ch 1 Controller 32=2
ch 1 Program 0

Doesn’t matter what bank number I use playlist 1 is always selected. That’s why I wondered if Terry or Neil had used this method.

I’ll contact Arturia with the above info and see if they can shed any light on it. Thanks

Problem solved.
Firstly, Analog Lab 2 is part of V-Collection 4 which handles program changes as MSB,LSB, Patch.
V-Collection 5 handles is just as MSB, Patch
Having discovered this I found a post from you @Brad detailing the dotted number format for banked programs. End result is that sending 1.1.1 or 129.1 selects Bank 2 patch 1
C3 receives:
Controller 0 = 1
Controller 32 = 1
Program 0
Thanks guys again for your support.


Thanks, Chris, for getting back to us what worked! I hadn’t used Analog Lab YET (as I have the full suite) but it is lean and mean for when I just need to playback the patches with only a few modulations.

Now I know how to get to the banks!!! :smile:


My pleasure. Glad to be able to give something back instead of just taking. A great community.:relaxed:


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Hi @foundsound f, sorry have been away and just been able to get back on my machine. Have you resolved your problem?

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Yes. Thanks. I have run into other issues using analog lab but nothing with Cantabile.