An odd bug - (I think?)

I have a couple of racks. One for organ, one for synth.

I have a state to route to the synth only, and a state to route to the organ only.

In the Organ rack I have a binding to override the mod wheel to bring up the wet mix on a leslie…

I have set the binding to supress events.

This works well…

but when i switch state to synth and “disable” the midi to the organ

using the mod wheel still reaches the binding in the organ rack…

and because it’s suppressed - it doesn’t reach my synth rack.

Bug? Or by design?

This is because the binding is directly from Main Keyboard to the leslie so regardless of a the parent song routing this binding will always take precedence. Try setting the binding source to Rack MIDI In and it should only work when the parent song is routing midi to that rack.



ha! yes of course! more fool me!

Thanks Brad!