An Impossible Cracking Fader

I recently started having a little crackling sound when moving the volume fader on my practice keyboard. It almost sounds like a dirty pot. I found that interesting because… no sound is going through the fader. It just generates a MIDI signal.

Lucky for us, Brad has included a MIDI Monitor in Cantabile. When I viewed the input, the values are smooth. No jumps in numbers.

I use the Sonalkis FreeG as the final “fader” in a rack in all of my songs. I opened that up, and interestingly, as I move the physical fader, the FreeG “fader” jumps all over the place. Hence, the crackling sound.

I’m running Cantabile 4056.

Anyone have an idea as to what is going on here?



Hi Rick, did it start doing this with no changes you know of to your setup?

Yeah. Once again, FreeG is in a linked rack, at the “end point” of all of my song setups. It is definitely a head scratcher for me.


Is it possible that FreeG is also controlled by some other binding “directly”? (i.e. binding directly connected to its fader). Maybe some other binding is trying to move the fader to some other value with respect to incoming MIDI messages, or maybe the same MIDI messages are arriving twice at the fader but sligthly out of sync…

Just my 2 cents,


I do not think so, but there is only one way to find out. Dig under the hood.

Hopefully I can get a look at it over the weekend.