An additional suspended mode [ SOLVED ]

Hi devs,

Is it possible (or if it already exists show me how) to add an additional “suspended” mode with passthrough signal on VST-plugin properties?
p.s. I’m using Solo version 3.

I’m not entirely certain what you’re asking for.

If I understand you correctly, the answer is to set your routings so that the VST isn’t in the signal chain.

What end result are you after? Sometimes thinking about the result rather than the actions will get you a better answer.

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Yes, that’s right.

Something like this.


I’m using the full version, so if this won’t work on your version…guess that’s a good reason to upgrade?

So these kinds of things are nearly always easiest to do via routing. Something like:

State One: Route goes into your VST
State Two: Route bypasses your VST

I have a few instances where it makes things easier to use completely separate routes, enabling them per-state, but routing is fast and doesn’t use much bandwidth.

Ok, this routing would be great if the connecting lines had the ability to be suspended (switched off\on) too. But unfortunately they don’t.

p.s. and by the way, the full version also don’t have that features:
1. Suspend VST-Plugin with passthrough signal ability.
2. Connecting lines don’t have the ability to be suspended or switched off\on.
I think this features must be added to the list for development in future versions.

What is wrong with using the existing bypass and suspend buttons?

This way, the signal gets routed “around” the plugin, and the plugin is deactivated. Isn’t this what you’re after?


Thanks man, that’s what I need!

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