Amplitube and pseudo preset problem

if I rename a pseudo presets from the Amplitube plugin, the name will not save. After i restart Cantabile 3 the renaming is gone. With other pligins i have no problems.

What can i do or is it a bug ?

There are a few product lines out there which somehow defy the standard that Brad is following in setting those up. Native Instruments is one - the minute I hit the forward/back buttons the order of pseudo-preset to preset will go awry. (First noticed with Reflektor XT.)

Likely a way around it is to use a rack with bindings to states sending actual bank and program change messages. I do that with all my Linplug synths because in their system they “take over” the pseudo preset list writing to it with the contents of the currently selected bank. (If you need help setting that up, I’ll put in some screen shots.)


I’m not aware of any issues here and a quick test with renaming pseudo presets seems to work fine.

I don’t have Amplitude handy to double check - are you sure it’s using Pseudo Presets and not just the plugin’s own built-in preset system?

(easiest way to check is load the plugin into a different host and check if it has multiple preset slots, or just one - if just one, then Cantabile will use pseudo presets for that plugin).

@terrybritton, can you post some screen shots of the issues you’re seeing - if this is something wrong in Cantabile I’m keen to fix it.

I have the problem on 2 PC systems (32 and 64 bit) with Amplitube 3 and 4 with Cantabile 3.5 and older.

Preset changing works without problems but Cantabile dont use the name from Amplitube and if i Change the name in Cantabile it don´t save the Name.
On restart the Name of the Preset is: Program1, Program2,Program3,…

If there is a problem to get the right Data from the Plugin I wish me a Flag for each Plugin to force using the pseudo Presets.

You can download a 64bit Amplitube version for free:

I have the same program/preset naming problem with Amplitude 4. I setup a number of patches/presets in Amplitude, and rename them in Cantabile. The naming stays until I restart Cantabile.

I have looked at the state behaviour setting and don’t see anything obvious which might affect this.

Any suggestions?

Are you definitely saving the rack and/or song containing the amplitude instance? Failing that, sounds like a bug in the plugin.




I use Amplitube without any problems. If you can supply more info, I might be able to help you work this out. Any screen shots you can provide would be helpful. Are you running Amplitube in a rack? If you are trying to use pseudo presets, you will find that Amplitube will not send it’s preset information there, probably because has many, and varied banks and sub banks.



That is excellent news (for Brad :slight_smile: I have tried with a rack version and also a direct plug in, and haven’t found a difference in the preset naming coming through.

The process I use is the same as other VST’s. Have an empty program slot, define a preset in the VST and then rename it in the Cantabile menu. The naming stays until I exit and restart Cantabile. Then they are back to the defaults e.g. Program 1, etc.

What screen shots would be useful ? e.g. state behaviour

I don’t think any of the Amplitude settings make any difference.

State behavior would be good, so would the C3 menu, and your actual setup within C3.

Here was one simple way to get @lorne.white up and running on Amplitube.
My mouse writing and circles need more practice. :grin: I posted this in case anyone else was having the same problem.

Here is one approach I have:

Put Amplitube in a rack, select a preset, save it as a state with whatever name you want, select solo control, save the rack. Select another preset, add a state, name it, save rack. Now you can switch states, which in turn switches presets.

IK Rack 1.jpeg1396x686 150 KB

IK Rack 2.jpeg1267x654 131 KB

Note that nothing shows up as a Program in the preset destination column in the rack. But come out of rack view, and in the song view you will see the selectable states you created in the preset destination column.