Amplistube Leslie- midi assignment question


I just purchased and downloaded Amplitube Leslie. I’ve not used Amplitube before and it took me a while to figure out how to find and load the Leslie. So now I have it up and running but am having trouble figuring out how to assign the drum/ rotor speed to my damper pedal. Can anyone give me a brief how-to for this? So far I’ve tried creating a cab midi preset for the fast speed. When I click on learn, it says “waiting for midi input”, but pressing the damper pedal does nothing.



Here ya go…


Thanks, that helped. But it seems there’s no way to set a global control for leslie speed change. Just for each amp/cab combination. Or am I missing something?


No Global. all cabs different.

I made a rack for each cabinet, but may put them all in a single rack eventually.


Hi Lee - I’ve been suffering through the same, every time I create a new Amplitube Leslie preset I’ve been diving into midi and adding the speed control all the while thinking there must be a way to globally set that control for every Leslie related “cab”. I didn’t see that option - Corky is correct. Eventually when I settle on a bunch of presets this won’t be too important.

As Corky mentioned in the blind listen shoot out the Amplitube Leslie is his favorite - I concur. I was already using Amplitube SVX for bass so I’m used to the interface. It’s not bad once you get familiar with it.