Amplistube Leslie- midi assignment question

I just purchased and downloaded Amplitube Leslie. I’ve not used Amplitube before and it took me a while to figure out how to find and load the Leslie. So now I have it up and running but am having trouble figuring out how to assign the drum/ rotor speed to my damper pedal. Can anyone give me a brief how-to for this? So far I’ve tried creating a cab midi preset for the fast speed. When I click on learn, it says “waiting for midi input”, but pressing the damper pedal does nothing.


Here ya go…

Thanks, that helped. But it seems there’s no way to set a global control for leslie speed change. Just for each amp/cab combination. Or am I missing something?

No Global. all cabs different.

I made a rack for each cabinet, but may put them all in a single rack eventually.

Hi Lee - I’ve been suffering through the same, every time I create a new Amplitube Leslie preset I’ve been diving into midi and adding the speed control all the while thinking there must be a way to globally set that control for every Leslie related “cab”. I didn’t see that option - Corky is correct. Eventually when I settle on a bunch of presets this won’t be too important.

As Corky mentioned in the blind listen shoot out the Amplitube Leslie is his favorite - I concur. I was already using Amplitube SVX for bass so I’m used to the interface. It’s not bad once you get familiar with it.

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Hi everyone,
I bought Amplitube Leslie. Very nice sound ! But the assignation seems impossible (Leslie speed on Modulation). Can you explain your tips please ?

Here is what I did:

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Thanks for your help ! Unfortunately, there is any Midi signal on Amplitube on Cantabile Performer…
When I try to learn or configure the CC manually, always the same message : “Waiting for midi input”…
The standalone Amplitube version is ok with my Midi controller (Arturia Keylab MkII is recognized).
Did I forgot anything ?

"Waiting for midi signal’ means it’s waiting for you to move a controller, usually a knob, slider, or wheel.

Have you routed any Midi signal to Amplitube? Something easily forgotten with amp sim plugins… You need to explicitly create a route from your controller to amplitube

Hi everyone,
Here is my solution. I don’t know if it’s perfect, but it works !
Amplitube is a really weird plugin, not intuitive at all…

Reverb after Leslie? Weird, IMHO. @Corky any enlight opinion?
My setup is Organ -> (distortion) -> Reverb -> Leslie

In the real world, reverb before Leslie is the natural sound. But, reverb was added in many recordings after Leslie. I agree that in the world of VSTs, many things are possible, just not always with acceptable results, unless experimentation is the intended result. Basically, reverb before Leslie swirls along with Hammond tone, where as afterward, reverb becomes more of a “room” effect of the total sound. I have used it both ways, but prefer pre-Leslie. It all boils down to what you are trying to accomplish.

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As usual, your wisdom overwhelm me :hushed:

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