Amazing new plug-in Unify


Wow, let’s calm down with the overstatements! We are doomed if every disagreement involves insanity :slight_smile:
I’m just stating this does not fit my philosophy and workflow. The people I work with do not fit your description.

While we’re at it, I’m not the only one noticing the hyperbolic, conceited marketing of Unify. I preemptively respect the work done here, but they are not building trust with this approach.

EDIT: some brainfart, sorry Ade :stuck_out_tongue:






Derek -confused?
I thought I was being clear.

  1. We’ve discussed this topic for some time. I’ve either originated or responded enthusiastically to the proposal for a Cantabile plugin.
  2. I agree with Toto’s EDIT that there may have been some flatulence in the brain area. :joy:It’s a big claim to trot out 'Any sane sound engineer ’ on a forum which represents a fair amount of industry experience. I guess owning up to insanity was the only response I could logically make when he posted that.

The moment our conversations are removed from Cantabile’s development and enter an arena where discussing a point requires one to demonstrate one is not insane, something we’ve taken for granted on this forum is eroded.


On the other hand…I believe I have well demonstrated my certain insanity on many occasions, such as this off topic statement I am making now. :crazy_face: :joy:


No worries, perhaps it makes no sense to me as there is no context in the posts without re-reading the whole thread. Or I am nuts as well…


I’m guilty of insanity as well then and I really misunderstood Ade’s comments at first, again, my apologies :slight_smile:

Thank you for the clarification and if I understand you correctly @Ade, you believe the missing “work as a VST” feature from Cantabile is a threat to its longevity. And I now get it you expressed this already in the past.

I guess this happens for every differentiating feature from a concurrent product, be it Work as a VST, graphics widget, scripting, VST3 hosting, Windows/Mac compatibility, price, sounds/vst bundling, patch browsing, specific hardware integration, etc.
C3’s Trello address some of those issues and I find Brad’s approach of letting us know what is important for us exciting and unique. Him allowing the community to discuss this very subject shows some confidence I have not seen with other products. This is, for me, one of the biggest advantage of Cantabile, above all features we can imagine at this very moment.


Yes it was and I’m sorry I showed some arrogance here.

In all my studio experiences which involve playing, from “here is what you need to play” to “we have no idea, just play and we will see what comes out”, it always end like this: “That was interesting, now kill that reverb and split the layers and we will produce something” (I may or may not be involved in this last step).
Edit: rarely, but sometimes for keys I also have “That was interesting, I will capture the midi from this”, which is even more radical.

This is obviously anecdotal but in my experience, it never fails. We go with St Exupery saying that perfection is achieved, not when nothing needs to be added anymore, but when nothing needs to be removed anymore.

Now I’m guilty of total thread hijacking again… I have been taught by some masters here. You know who you are :slight_smile:


Hey @Toto, are you meaning to refer to Unify? John is a pretty humble guy and doesn’t have much at all for marketing of this product. He does a weekly YouTube stream helping folks out with all kinds of plugins, synths, tips and tricks, and now of course added in how to use Unify. I’ve watched a bunch of them, learned some cool things I can use in my keyboarding. But I’ve not seen any hyperbolic nor conceited marketing. Maybe you’re thinking of some other product?