Alternative way to setup Cantbile


So I am re-thinking this whole replacing the laptop thing. And I recall reading (and I cannot recall where of by whom) that to reduce PC load I can use the same setup for all songs?

IE, I pretty much use the same three VSTi’s…just with different presets and levels. Is it somehow possible to setup songs so that nothing needs to get loaded every song? Pre-load doesn’t work for me as there are way too many in the playlist, but yeah a system where the same three VST’s reside “in memory” and all that changers are the patch changes and the settings, I think that may help the situation. I have a feeling that as the system is, while solid, not at the top of the performance tree, anything like this may help.



Assuming you’re using Performer… if you put the three plugins into a rack and then use the same rack in all songs that will:

  1. Prevent the plugins needing to be reloaded if you switch between two songs that use the same rack.
  2. Allow you to preload a ton of songs, because they’ll all be using the same three plugin instances and only need to be loaded once.



Thanks Brad yes I do have performer. Will this also allow states to be used? Although I guess states would be the way to change the patch within the “preset rack” ??