Alternative bindings/workflow to start/stop drum machines

I have a lot of drum machine VST. Most of them only starts beats/grooves by pressing a key on the keyboard. The keys are various within a plugin and different from one VST to other VST.
Cause I always starts/stops beats/grooves during live playing via a foot pedal (without using keys on my keyboards), my workflow is current as following:

  • record of pressing the dedicated key for start/stop beat/groove on the onscreen keyboard in CP
  • create a mediaplayer for each VST with the recorded “key pressing”
  • make bindings of the mediaplayer to start/stop to/with the foot pedal

I assume, that this workflow is perhaps to complicated.
Do you have an idea to make it easier?

If you have the VST in a rack you can create a binding within the rack that acts on incomming midi and transmits that to an event to the VST plugin. That would require that you create rack(s) instead of using the plugins directly in a song, though.