Alternate Method for Panic?

Cantabile 3.0 build 3702 (x64)

I am having an issue where the “All Sounds Off” icon (or any binding that invokes this command) is causing Cantabile to freeze. Whether I click the icon, use a binding in the Background Rack, or a binding in a song file, the result is that Cantabile freezes and cannot be closed even through Task Manager. I must physically reset the entire system.

Even an empty song with nothing in it (except the binding) will crash.

I’m sure not everyone has this problem, or it would be widely reported. I have a performance coming up, and this has me more than a little concerned.

Is there any alternate method of releasing stuck notes on VST synths using a binding? Even if I wasn’t experiencing crashes, the All Sounds Off command mutes media player audio files that I can’t have muted.

Hi steadystate,

I would try using a simple CC123 all notes off message on the route to the MIDI input of the synthesizer. Here is an example using a CC 103 switch from the keyboard as the source. This way you avoid resetting the other sounds and only shut down held MIDI notes on the synth itself. Other sources would work too.



Thanks for the reply. That’s exactly what I did in the time between my post and your reply! Sometimes, I just need to write out the problem before I can see a solution. Some of my songs have many VSTi synths, so it’s a bit more cumbersome than a global binding, but it seems to work without affecting media player audio or causing crashes. Thanks again. Appreciated.

Check out this thread and @cdv_gabriel ‘s script.
It’s possible that it may head off issues before they start!
Roland style All Note Off

Hi @Ade,

I realize that I never uploaded the final (working) version in that thread (I just sent it to you privately).
Anyway, here it is, in case someone needs it.
Maybe I should create a thread for it in “Shared scripts”, as soon as I have the time.

Gabriel (1.7 KB)

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