All Sounds Off and hung notes

I noticed today that if I hold notes across song states using the sustain pedal, and then hit “All Notes Off”, the notes will not stop sounding. But worse than that, if I then release the sustain pedal, they’ll continue sounding as hung notes, and the only way to get them to stop is to return to the previous state and press and release the sustain pedal there. Is this something that’s fixable?


Yeah you could try a midi GM reset message. It not only stops notes it also zeros all controllers, wheels and pretty much everything else.Assuming your plugs recognise GM commands and I would suggest 99.9% do :slight_smile:

Hi @Neil_Durant

That’s not good at all. In Options -> Diagnostics could you turn on Log VST Events and Log MIDI In Events, repro the problem and send me the log file.


Extra bit of information - this only happens if the destination of the route carrying the notes changes with the song state change, for example by either disabling the route on the second song state, or changing its destination.

If the route remains the same, All Notes Off does what you’d expect.

@brad, I’ve sent you a log by e-mail.


Hi @Neil_Durant

I’ve been trying to reproduce this but couldn’t find any issues. It’s possible this was the same fault as the other stuck note issue I fixed today. I’ll get you to retry this in the next build and let me know if it still persists.


Unfortunately it’s still there in build 3188. I’m surprised you haven’t been able to reproduce it - I could easily do it with 2 song states, and a MIDI route that’s enabled in the first, and disabled in the second.

I guess it’s an unusual case - hitting All Notes Off while you’re holding notes from a previous state. Not something likely to happen often. But the fact it doesn’t do the right thing might indicate some deeper problem worth investigating.


Hi @Neil_Durant

Could you clarify which problem is still there - the problem with sustain pedal not releasing or the problem with the all notes off not working. The sustain pedal issue is the one I couldn’t reproduce.


Both issues are still there in 3188.

Note that the problem with sustain pedal not releasing only occurs once you’ve hit All Notes Off. If you release sustain before that, it does the right thing.


Ah ok… I’ll try that.

Hey @Neil_Durant

Still can’t repro any issues here. I’ve tried routes that switch, routes that are enabled/disabled, routing to instruments in racks, routing to instruments in song, all sorts of combinations of sustain/hold note switch state release sustain/release note, hold one, hold both while hitting All Notes Off.

Does this happen with all plugins? Perhaps it’s a plugin that’s not responding to one of the CC Cantabile sends correctly?


Aha!! Ok, I’ve tried a bunch of plugins, and most have no problem, whereas a few have this issue (I originally found it with Omnisphere). Also, I now realise that those that show the problem actually don’t silence notes held with a sustain pedal, with All Notes Off.

Not working:

Ivory II
M-Tron Pro

The new “Replace plugin” feature was extremely useful in compiling the above list :smile:


I reproduced this with OPX. Interestingly Diva worked fine for me - perhaps different version and they’ve resolved it.

Anyway, turns out this is simply a case of some plugins not releasing the sustain pedal on receiving “All Sounds Off” or “All Notes Off”. I’ve changed Cantabile so it now sends All Sounds Off, All Notes Off and Sustain pedal off.

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Excellent, thanks Brad! Great to see it wasn’t a flaw in Cantabile!! :relieved:


Why not include a “Zero Controllers” while you are at it?

@pax-eterna Do you mean “reset controllers”? I considered that, but wondered if some plugins might reset more than what you’d expect from an All Sounds Off button.

Agreed, any plugin parameters bound to MIDI control changes would be changed, eg filter bound to mod wheel etc. I definitely wouldn’t want this, personally.

@Brad Yes, sorry it was my choice of word haha! And under the MIDI spec this controller is hard wired to reset every controller to 0 and centre pitch/modulation wheel data.

Yeah - probably more than you’d want from “All Sounds Off” button

Just o note - All Notes Off shouldn’t stop sounding notes held on sustain pedal - it should do what it says - simulate releasing all keys. Of course if I then release sustain pedal, it should be delivered correctly.
On the other hand - All Sounds Off should stop the sound no matter what. (Didn’t have time to test if Cantabile behaves correctly on this)

Hi Pavel

That’s correct but the idea behind the All Sound Off button in Cantabile is to act as a panic button if something gets stuck. So releasing the sustain pedal makes sense it this case.