All notes off release volume spike?

I have an unusual problem I’ve not encountered before until I started playing with VST’s.

That is a volume spike and the end of a song being with parts played by daw.

Typically it could be something like a pad sound or strings, anything with a long release.
When the strings are played, lets say midi volume 50, once the sequence is at the end of the duration of the note and the song is finished, there is a spike in the volume as the patch playing the note decays away. It sounds like it abruptly shoots the volume up to 100.
I am not really sure where this is coming from. It’s not restricted to any particular plugin either.
Any clues where to look?
TIA :slight_smile:

Put a midi monitor on it?

I looked at in coming midi after and while reading this page: (and a few others)

I cheated my way out of it creatively with something like this:
adding another track and putting in a gentle timpani, the semibreve falls right where the spike was that got rid of the problem. I wasn’t expecting it to work, it did however.