All class is our Brad! - C3 Stickers arrived

Not only did the stickers arrive yesterday, (and they are great btw,) but there is also a personal handwritten note from Brad thanking me for support! It does not get better than that. This guy is all class!

Thanks Brad



Same here… I’m blown away by this! Many Thanks Brad!


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Thanks Guys. Glad they arrived safely - I hope you’ve got a good spot for them :smile:

Same here, arrived very quickly. Thanks Brad love the design and am making sure they are prominently displayed.

I got my stickers too… all the way from AussieLand - swwwwEEEEEEEEt!!
I can’t wait to put em’ on my 1764 Strad violin!!!

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Photos People!

I’d love to see some of these in the wild.


not a great photo, but proof of use!


My band, IQ, did a little mini tour of Scandinavia last week, and so I thought I’d post a few photos showing off the cool Cantabile stickers I’ve fitted to my keyboard rack :smile:

Photos from two shows here, at John Dee in Oslo (tiny venue - our projection screens were actually behind our equipment due to the low ceiling) and headlining the Progressive Circus festival at Slagthuset, Malmö, Sweden (nice big theatre). Spot the Cantabile stickers!

There’s also some footage on YouTube from the festival here, although you can’t see the Cantabile stickers from there (so a bit off topic I guess!).


Photo by Øivind Andre Nergaard Svendsen

Photo by Lars Lundberg

Photo by Lars Lundberg



Awesome music Neil! Love it.


Awesome! Thanks for the photos @LeesKeys and @Neil_Durant.

@Neil_Durant - I especially like the black and white photos. And the video!