Alder lake and cantabile

I tried to search but could not find any info on the forums here. I am thinking about upgrading to a 12600k. I was wondering if anyone has experience with efficiency/performance cores and Cantabile. I’ll be using Win 11 if it makes a difference.
Or should I stay with an Amd 5700g?
Anyone with experience on it?

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Finished putting the new desktop together. It seems to work fine with the exception of something similar to what other people have experienced in this thread Restarting Engine after Song Load - Cantabile - Cantabile Community (

Hi Marco,

your topic is intriguing. This mix of “performance ad efficiency cores” is a new challenge for us (and all music producers, not only live performers).
If you have some info about Intel 12 and 13 series tweaks, please share with us.

Hi Paolo,
the issue that I was having was a PEBCAK issue… I forgot to disable core parking, and upon Cantabile startup there was only one core going, the restart “woke up” a few more.
So far so good, Win 11 seems to be good at handling p-cores and e-cores fairly well, and I have not done anything specific to optimize (just the typical stuff that you can find in Brad’s guide to optimize).
And I was able to fit the 12600k in a case that is about 5l and it fits in a 2u rack with reasonable thermals!

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